Join us as we explore the world of Sperm donation, some will be feel-good stories, some will be controversial, some will be fertility related, product related, IVF/clinical-related, exploring psychology we won’t leave any stone unturned as we give you an accurate representation of this entire world.

Prologue: Adam Hooper

Episode Number:Episode TitleDate Released:
1Joe Donor24th December 2018
2Clinically Donor Conceived30th December 2018
3Most popular donor in the world?6th January 2019
4Desperately Seeking Semen14th January 2019
5The Patriarch20th January 2019
6Brave New Family27th January 2019
7A Glasgow Ranger4th February 2019
8Maple Syrup10th February 2019
9Spermcast17th February 2019
10Letting go of love to have a baby24th February 2019
11Lesbians and the Law3rd March 2019
1252 Donors Siblings and counting10th March 2019
13The Cambodian Wonder17th March 2019
14A Scandinavian Adventure: The Arrival24th March 2019
15Dissecting 60 Minutes a recap with Joe Donor23rd April 2019
16Donor Conception and Beyond7th May 2019

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