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Welcome to Sperm Donation Australia Facebook group this group was established in 2015 by Adam Hooper. I am a donor that over 4 years ago wasn’t too happy with the environment and the reputation of it as the groups back then happily accommodated dangerous and inappropriate men (They still do). So, I created my own vision I wanted to help people and be alongside similar men with similar values and be associated with positive vibes all for the right reasons. This group has helped hundreds of people have babies this has all been done With ZERO assaults, ZERO STDs and ZERO Legal custody issues. We have maintained a 100% success rate in all our time. This group isn’t a black market to have babies, this group operates professionally and if it was compromised I would seriously consider shutting it down as I created this group to help people.

This group is a closed group so joining the group commenting or posting will not appear on your Facebook so friends and family will not be able to see it. Unless they’re in the group themselves.

Current Admins are Adam Hooper.

Why men donate and Become a Donor within the group

Many men it doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, gay or any other diversity choose to donate online. Men prefer this option as they get to talk to the recipient they’re helping and feel comfort knowing they’re passing on genetic material to a worthy family. Simply donating at a clinic it’s just going to the next person in line and doesn’t really give that satisfaction appeal, especially donating in their rooms where many of men have been before you. Some men who are married donate because their partner may have fertility issues themselves and understand that it’s challenging and like to help others. Other married men have children and know how gorgeous their children are happy to pass on that gift to recipients they feel worthy. For single men a lot don’t know or if they can have the opportunity to have their own children but feel they have good genes and traits to pass on to someone else that is in this position to. Some single men can’t have relationships due to their professional career eg. Lots of travel no set destination. As for gay men, well obviously there is complications as men can’t carry their own child. We have had a lot of gay men simply donate or look to co-parent. We have even had recipients offer to carry a child for them after they have finished having their own. Some women love pregnancy so don’t know that until they had their own children to then offer a gift in return.

Becoming a donor can be quite scary and daunting to begin with as you’re stepping out into the unknown. I have walked your path I have helped over 10 families have children and I will tell you this. I don’t have 1 single regret, I love receiving pictures, videos and updates of milestones in my inbox while carrying on living my own life. Obviously, some donors have different terms and conditions, some might want yearly visits for example, this is up to you and your recipients to agree on the level of contact you seek to have. We’re a very flexible group. Just remember as donors we have the right to pick who we help and so do recipients. Do not take it personal if a woman doesn’t pick you to help them. I have had many recipients who are looking for different features that I don’t possess we can only help who wants us to help.


No one is this group has ever had any legal issues. I have studied all the court cases in Australia and the only legal issues occur when choosing friends and emotional attachment is formed or alternatively when a Co-parenting arrangement is involved that one party hasn’t honoured. Hundreds of babies are born throughout this group and no one has ever been taken to court. The laws in Australia are pretty good Artificial Insemination is a legal way of donating under Australian current legislation Family Law Act 1975. It doesn’t specify that artificial insemination must be clinical, and I spoke to VARTA about this that have confirmed with me that is correct. So, no need to worry about child support. Keep your chat history, take photos of the ai donations that will time stamp the conception date and confirm method and you’re covered. From time to time I will do podcasts located at that feature lawyers.

Rules for our groups that apply to everyone

Click here to view the groups rules

Methods of donating

In our group there is 3 methods of donating:

  • Artificial Insemination (Ai) Involves a donor donating via a sterile cup and handing it over either you can pick it up from a location, book a hotel or use your house for insemination it’s up to what you’re comfortable with.  Ai can be highly effective if done correctly.
  • Natural Insemination (Ni) involves sexual intercourse some experienced donor’s statistics who donate via both methods believe overall averages they have a higher success rate.  This is because the sperm goes from body to body and not exposed to the outside world environment eg. Light, different temperatures, outside world bacterias, Air and seismic shock from movement of the cup. A negative with (Ni) is that legally the donor is the father if done through this method.
  • Clinical route (IVF/IUI) is going through a clinic with your recipients often because they have a fertility issue. This will involve counselling etc.

Banned Methods

Partial Insemination (Pi) is banned because it used to attract people with fetishes and a lot of these people we had issues with. It involves the man masturbating in front of the recipient and just before climax thrust in and ejaculate. A lot of women have experience extreme discomfort also with this method.

Conditions of posting and contacting recipients

Lulu Quinn runs our donor list by location in one of her posts So contact her if you wish to be added to the list. 

Your post must list 2 mandatory requirements that is your Location and most importantly your methods. Australia is a big country so that is why location is necessary. When responding to recipients posts they will list their method if they state Ai only then you can only discuss that method with them as they’re quick to complain to admin if you push other methods other than they’re asking. We must respect method if you’re not willing to help via that method then keep scrolling until a post that suits your method is posted.  If the recipient’s posts say open to methods, then you and your recipient can discuss the method.  This group isn’t a place to come on and get sex it is far from sleazy there is apps like Tinder for that if that’s what you’re seeking but people who push for sex or talk inappropriately don’t last long as people are very quick to message admin with their complaints.

If you’re willing to travel interstate or large distances for a recipient feel free to post that as recipients abroad can contact, you but you need to ensure you’re reliable if offering this.

There are more recipients than donors so always remain professional in talking as recipients can quite often talk among each other. There will be potential recipients you speak to that you may not be interested in helping so let them know politely you can’t help them, don’t start ignoring them just end the conversation with sorry I can’t help you or I have put donating on hold for now sorry.

It’s important to always keep open dialogue with your recipients if you cannot donate that month let them know in advance or if something comes up.

Do not mention No Contact in your post. This is a private discussion behind closed doors for you and your recipient. We have children activists sending screenshots to people trying to get law changes and we don’t want to give them any reason to create such sanctions.

No photos of shirts off, yeah you may go to the gym and be proud of your body, but this isn’t Tinder and we don’t need your shirt off to tell us whether or not you’re trim or buff. So as part of the integrity of the group we keep our tops on.

Do not contact people unsolicited, people will post when they’re ready to use a donor one of my most common complaints from recipients is being contacted without them posting, this group has a policy when someone feels ready they will post, just because they’re in the group doesn’t mean they’re to be contacted we have lost so many recipients to clinics in the past from feeling at unease from this, this is why this in place.

Fake Profiles

Sometimes donor and recipients will create a fake profile to join the group they must satisfy admin that they’re a real person. You can contact me privately from your real account letting me know who your alias account is. Or you can get a pen and a piece of paper ready and submit a selfie with admins word of the day to confirm who you’re behind the keyboard. The reason for this is we get banned people trying to join the group under fake alias accounts trying to infiltrate we also get Nigerian scammers trying to join and exploit people this is quite common. Your safety and others safety is utmost important to us so we take security highly. Do note a lot of recipients won’t choose a donor that uses fake accounts as they think they maybe uncontactable one day.

Where to donate?

If donating outside of a clinic, people can donate at their own house, at the recipient’s house or a hotel. I personally make recipients book a hotel close to my house so if I am in a rush I can quickly do a donation and be home within 15 minutes on days that I haven’t got much time. Which doesn’t really make the process all that strenuous. Ultimately you and your recipients can decide where the donations, pick up or handovers take place. Do what you’re comfortable with.

Sexually transmitted diseases and Semen Analysis

Through a bulk billing doctor these are free under Australia Medicare. It’s important to ensure you have no STD’s as passing on STDs can result as Grievous Bodily Harm charge and HIV can be up to 25 years jail term. We have never had anyone contract an STD in this group and would like it to stay that way.

Semen Analysis is good because you will need to know if it’s worth your time donating. The process is simple visit your bulk billing doctor and then hand over the specimen to the pathology results back within a few days. It’s not mandatory to get a semen analysis but just good for your piece of mind. You can also then improve your count by taking supplements or eating healthier.

Charging for Sperm

Sperm donation laws in Australia state you can’t sell your specimen, but you can ask for fuel money or expenses back from your recipients.


This group is free from discrimination that means if you don’t like someone’s post or you don’t think they would make good parents it isn’t your job to say anything you simply scroll on. As a donor you donate to who you feel comfortable with you are in this group to help people not to put people down. Personal attacks will result in being removed it just unneeded and doesn’t achieve anything.

The importance of supplements and vitamins

You are what you eat, we live in a world where fertility is declining because everything is so mass produced and good foods are now lacking in nutrient value. The rate of Autism increases since the 1990s is insane and diet has been linked to this. As we grow older sperm quality drops but by having supplements and nutrients helps ensure that your DNA remains strong. When I first started donating myself it took me 3 to 6 months of trying to help conceive a baby, with supplements it now only takes me 1 or 2 cycles on most cases for the recipients to fall pregnant. To put it into context my Sperm count has increased by 11 times via vitamin intake.

When screening potential recipients to help a common question for donors to ask recipients also what supplements and vitamins they are taking. As donors we ideally want to get a quick result, so it doesn’t feel like a big inconvenience trying months in months out. Also, we want the children to be born healthy by taking the right vitamins we can help give the child the best chance. Many of my own recipients have purchased vitamins for me, so it’s not unreasonable to ask.

Artificial Insemination Kits

Sperm Donation Australia has teamed up with Carebox to distribute Artificial Insemination Kits. I created these kits because over my years of donating I realised that most recipients are doing a lot of things wrong Google has a lot of misinformed information, some recipients get pregnant just by luck rather than a set strategy.  A classic example is people saying sperm can live for up to 5 days these statistics don’t consider the method that with Ai sperm is outside of the body and weakened. An analogy I use is Humans have been known to live up to 120 years of age. 1) How many people you personally know that live to 120? Not many… If any and 2) How physically active would 120-year-old be which is equivalent to a 5 day old sperm. In other words, don’t trust google there has been no set specified study into Ai success mainly because it’s free there is no money for companies to invest into it. The best way of understanding Ai success is talking to donors around the world who have multiple successes to establish patterns.

For new donors you will find yourself wasting your time donating at the wrong times so the recipient don’t fall pregnant as they have no clue or confused with the information they have. That is why I created this kit so new donors can refer their recipients to use this kit, so they get pregnant quicker and you don’t have to rock up for months on end. When I first started donating the biggest mistake I made was trusting women to know their own fertility most of them simply don’t know it or have been easily confused with the various conflicting information out there on google. It wasn’t until I understood that my success rate rapidly increased. I look back now and I had wasted months helping with at not the right times.

That is why these Kits come with step by step instructions developed by myself after analysing all my own successes and speaking to donors all around the world some men over a hundred successes in USA and UK. It’s important for your recipients to get their steps right. It simply isn’t just a case of inseminating it in and it working there is strategy behind it and this kit will ensure your recipients get it right.

There is a preplanning kit which helps them track their cycle over the course of a few months so they know their ovulation patterns or there is a monthly kit for all their monthly cycle needs. A newly released Deluxe kit includes Folic Acid to help ensure they have a healthy child, but most importantly the introduction of soft cups into the Australian market, In USA these are game changers and increase success rates.

Already the kits are having major success with donors reporting back they’re getting quicker success rates from recipients who they refer to buy them. Some donors have even taken the stance now that they won’t help unless they follow the instruction guide delivered within these kits.

All the products that get included in the kit are cheaper than it is to buy separately at selected retail shops and your recipients don’t have to go through any uncomfort at the checkout or announcing to anyone they’re trying to get pregnant via this method. Sperm Donation Australia makes $4 profit off each box of which the money is reinvested into more products and paid advertising in the group to attract more recipients to help. So, this is not a money-making venture it’s all about helping you gain success quickly.

To check out our products visit Sperm Donation World product website.

Commenting on another person’s post.

Sometimes people will write things that are wrong, or you may not agree with, this group is all about educating but not condescending or telling people they’re weird, odd, unusual etc. Personal attacks are not welcome. So please keep it civil. Making babies is about positivity, fertility is enhanced when stress and negatives don’t exist, so we try not to have them included in our group. Sometimes admins will need to address a negative but try and keep all your posts positive. If you have any negative experiences, contact myself or Rosy and we can address the issue and hopefully get it sorted

Pictures of Children or Donor children

Pictures of your own children that you raise can be included ideally with you in the same photo,  but preferably not and donor children aren’t allowed to be posted, I understand that some of us are extremely proud of our contributions, but in Australia many mothers don’t approve and don’t like the children being showcased as trophies so it’s a can of worms that is best left avoided.

Media/News stories/Local Business

There have been many positive stories shared of people from this group in newspapers, tv shows, online websites. Some of these stories are paid for, some are stepping stones that lead to greater opportunities. We have big potential future career opportunities in store for people who want to be role models and ambassadors for our community.

If you want to take the leap of faith and happy to participate in doing something special for an amazing cause would love to hear from you, we need more amazing and inspirational people around us.

If you also run a business or a service and think your business can fit into this community feel free to discuss, we’re an online tight knit community and we want to look after our own.


Hopefully this document can help you with comfort and guidance and help you on this exciting venture of being a donor. Please respond if you agree to the guidelines and if you have anything you don’t agree with let me know. If you have any more questions you can always message me anytime. Yours Sincerely Adam Hooper