With over 100 children born via online sperm donation through natural, artificial and posting methods, Joe Donor is America’s most prolific donor, In this episode we chat to Joe about how it all begun back in 2008. We also establish his views about meeting some of his offspring and his feelings towards these children, we discuss mothers not declaring their pregnancies to their donors. Some of the legalities and concerns in America. Among other topics, we touch on.

The main reason why I had Joe as our first guest is to officially aunnounce his Australian tour to the world. Which was helped made possible by Channel 9s, 60 Minute team. Joe flys in to Melbourne on January 8th 2019 and departs Febuary 12th. He intends on driving around the country donating.

To find out more about Joe listen in on the podcast if you couldn’t get enough of Joe in that episode there is a 40 minute plus bonus content episode on the Sperm Donation World Pateron page. Which is just as interesting as we discuss, child support and legalities, Sperm bank mixups, Joe Donor’s Boy/Girl ratio, Zika, Ebola and HIV all included. Also for those who like to read listed below are links to his books that available for purchase and contact details.

Contact Details:Joe Donor/Joesephus Donor
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