You have been sent this documentation, because the Sperm Donation Australia admin can’t verify you as a real person, of course you’re real but what we mean is legitimate.

Sperm Donation Australia is the largest group by far that is because we provide a quality service, that is friendly, but most importantly been 100% safe! Safety is a major issue with sperm donor groups we often get inappropriate people wanting to join and then ruining the reputation of the group.

Once these people become known to us, it’s quite often they will make a fake account and try to re-join the group under this new alias. Now as you can see this is where the issue of your account being questioned comes into it, because you could potentially be one of these people. Most people admire our approach to safety and want to be a part of a group that requires such focus to it. There are other groups out there where there has been known cases of rape, sexual assault, unethical push on methods pretty much they’re barbaric most legitimate people don’t want to be a part of that kind of group as you’re often guilty by association. I know I certainly don’t.

Sperm Donation Australia is a private closed group often when people are sperm donors or recipients they don’t wish for their family or friends to know about it, the perception with Facebook is some people think their posts will be displayed on their newsfeed etc as that happens with Open group activity. The majority of profiles are real on this page, and no one has ever reported that friends and family found out without them knowing.

In terms of legal issues such as child support or custody issues, there has never been a legal issue from any group even including those dodgy ones I had previously touched on.  It simply does not happen we got donors with several kids, and no one has even been slightly threatened. The law in Australia is actually quite good and we actually fit under the same laws as the clinics have. Family Law Act 1975 60H to be specific.

Using a real account makes it more comforting for, I personally have never donated to a fake account myself people, recipients or donors are much more likely to want to work with you if you can show you are a real person as it gives that realness feel.

Rights to privacy I understand some people have jobs or professions that requires concealment of their identity that is fine, or if people are ultra-paranoid that is fine too you can still join our group. But you will have to verify with me (Adam Hooper) that you’re a real and not a previously banned person. Sorry for the inconvenience but I am sure you can appreciate the safe environment we have set up that inspires people to want to use this path.


Option 1) You can contact me via private message from your real Facebook account, and request that this alias account is accepted

Option 2) If real account lacks detail also, you will be required to send a selfie to me holding a piece of paper that says “Hi “admins name” with the todays time and date listed on it.

Option 3) If you have a valid Instagram account follow @spermdonationworld

For the record I don’t save your photos, or nor do I keep your real account information and I would certainly never reveal your real account details to anyone, so your privacy is safe with the admin. We have proven over the years never to betray our members and look forward to you joining this wonderful community.

Yours Sincerely – Adam Hooper and the admin team