The Grand Donor Daddy Deluxe Artificial Insemination Kit




Introducing the Grand Daddy Donor Deluxe Artificial Insemination Kit.

1x Step by Step instructions for best insemination results (Digital)

8x Sterile 70mls Specimen Cups

8x 10ml Artificial Insemination Syringes

4x Soft Cups

50x LH Ovulation Strips

6x HCG Pregnancy Strips

1x FSH Strip (Early menopausal test)

1x Sperm Count Cassette Test Kit (Currently out, will replace with, 1x Soft cup and 3x Ai Syringes)

1x L.E.D Speculum

1x B.B.T Thermometer

Next Delivery Dispatch ~ Bi-Daily


(Updated 7/7/2020, folic acid supplement replaced with speculum bbt thermometer and FSH test Strip)

(Updated 30/7/2020, phasing out of oral syringes and replacing with the official Ai syringes has happened, might still have up 2 oral syringes down from 4)


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