In 2018 Carebox was launched to help increase success rates of Artificial Insemination. The thing is when you do all your research on doctor google everything you’re reading regarding timing, hints and tips is based on Natural Insemination conceptions.

Once the Sperm is exposed to light, different temperatures, seismic shock and more importantly oxygen (oxidative stress) it’s a different ball game altogether it’s more strategic and timing is essential!

From speaking from donors from all around the world, experienced ones and many who have helped sire many of children a step by step instruction guide that comes with your Ai Kit makes the whole process fool proof and comes with everything you need to help give you the best odds of reaching your goal.

Since the introduction of the Ai kits the success rates within the community have increased dramatically which is what it’s designed to set out to achieve. So don’t waste countless months doing the wrong things and learning the hard way from trial and error the Ai kits will help you achieve your dream sooner rather than later.

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