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Welcome to Sperm Donation Australia Facebook group. This community was established in 2015 by Adam Hooper. Adam is a donor based in Western Australia (can follow on Instagram @Spermdonationworld) that over 4 years ago was not too happy with the environment and the reputation the donor groups had back then. They happily accommodated dangerous and inappropriate men (they still do), so he created his own vision. He wanted to help people and be alongside similar men with similar values and be associated with positive vibes all for the right reasons. This group has helped hundreds of people have babies and this has all been done with ZERO assaults, ZERO STDs and ZERO legal custody issues. We have maintained a 100% success rate in all our time. This group isn’t a black market to have babies, this group operates professionally and if it was compromised, we would seriously consider shutting it down as it was created to help people.

This group is a closed group so joining the group, commenting, or posting will not appear on your Facebook newsfeed, so friends and family will not be able to see it, unless they’re in the group themselves.

Current Admins are

Adam Hooper.

Donors within the group

All donors who request to join are not automatically accepted into the group. Admin will personally message each one and ask them a series of questions like a psych test. This will see if they are wanting to donate for the right reasons, they are educated with the legalities, understood the jail sentences associated with STDs and a basic way on how to conduct themselves among answering other questions they have. All donor’s personalities are different and not everyone will click, so always remain professional when dealing with donors. Not responding is a rude trademark so please remain respectful when speaking to donors and they should also be respectful in return. Some donors have conditions like recipients, and some are willing to co-parent, so you need to work out what you’re comfortable with when talking to donors.

Methods of donating

In our group there is 3 methods of donating:

Artificial Insemination (Ai) – Involves a donor donating via a sterile cup and handing it over. You can either pick it up from a location, book a hotel or use your house for insemination. It is up to you what you are comfortable with.  Ai can be highly effective if done correctly.

Natural Insemination (Ni) – involves sexual intercourse. Some experienced donor’s statistics who donate via both methods believe on overall averages that they have a higher success rate with Ni.  This is because the sperm goes from body to body and is not exposed to the outside world environment eg. Light, different temperatures, outside world bacteria, air and seismic shock from movement of the cup. A negative factor with Ni is that legally the donor is the father if done through this method and this exposes you to potential child custody issues.

Clinical route (IVF/IUI) – is normally finding a donor who will help via a clinic. Personally from our experience within this community, fresh sperm clearly works best over frozen and is better for the child overall health wise. Plus, the money you spend on IVF/IUI could have gone towards the child’s education, a bigger house, or family car. We would personally like to see the clinic be reserved for women with actual known fertility issues that require it (reduces wait times). Depending on your insecurities you can choose whatever method you like, but we have had so many women spend thousands upon thousands of dollars without success and then come on here and try Ai and fall pregnant quickly, which I must admit raises a lot of eyebrows on what is more effective.I

Banned Methods

Partial Insemination (Pi) is banned because it used to attract men with fetishes, and we have had issues with many of these people. It involves the man masturbating in front of the recipient and just before climax, thrust in and ejaculate. Many women have experienced extreme discomfort with this method also as it can be quite painful.

Group Specific Rules for all to observe

Click here to view all of our group specific rules

IVF vs Home Insemination

Ultimately, it comes down to the health of yourself and your child vs the insecurities of the donor stealing your baby (if you are socially fertile). If you are medically infertile and require clinical assistance, then IVF is your only option in having a baby. Below is the statistics and this is why more and more women are avoiding the clinics as people are becoming more educated on the subject.


As mentioned before, there has never been a legal issue within this group. The only court case in Australia that has happened was a case in NSW when the mother agreed on co-parenting with a gay male couple. She later found herself in a relationship and no longer wanted to co-parent. Obviously, this was a recipe for disaster.

In Sperm Donation Australia all recipients and donors have their conditions that they agree on. There is always people looking to co-parent and those who simply just want to donate. There is something for everyone on here so there has never been that need for trickery.

Under Family Law Act 1975 a child can be born via artificial insemination procedure. It doesn’t specify that it must be done through a clinic. A clinic doesn’t provide you with anymore protection as the case GrothvsBanks 2013 shows. Clinics will lead you to believe they’re safer because they want your business, but in reality, they’re not.

For those who are ultra-cautious, a person can’t summon you to court via Facebook. It has to be at their residential address or in person or their place of work, so by doing your donations at a hotel or picking them up or if you plan on moving to a new house, you can’t be summoned to court if someone can’t hand it to you in person.

Conditions of posting and contacting donors

Lulu Quinn manages out donor list by location in one of her posts. You will find this post in the Announcements section. Not all donors are on the donor list as some get booked out or prefer to only respond to posts that they like.

General etiquette of contacting donors is that if the donor has posted in group publicly seeking recipients in the main feed you are free to either respond to their post and request them to send you a message or you can send them a message and let them you you have sent them a message in their post as not everyone checks their message requests often, the other permitted forms of contact are if the donor has put their hand up to be listed on the donor list managed by Lulu Quinn, you will find this in the featured section of the group at all times, it however is not acceptable to send messages to donors un-solicited if they do not meet these 2 conditions or you have not asked in another thread to engage.

Your post must list 2 mandatory requirements – your location and most importantly your methods.  Australia is a big country so that is why location is necessary. As for methods, this is so the right type of donor can contact you. This makes it clear to all which methods you are comfortable with and avoids any confusion. Posts that do not include these requirements will not be accepted, so be sure to include them.

For example, you can write: Ai only (and only donors that are willing to do Ai will contact you). If you say open to methods, then you and your donor can discuss which method you want to use. If you’re willing to travel interstate or large distances for a donor feel free to post that, as donors abroad can then contact you.

There are more recipients than donors so effectively you’re competing with others, so please make your post pleasant and warming and include your interests, hobbies and a bit of an insight into yourself, as this will be more effective in attracting good donors wanting to help. Ultimately donors want the children they help create going to a good home.  We won’t accept posts that come across as if you’re making a fast food order, so some sincerity please and a thank you won’t go astray.

Keep your posts positive. Complaining about previous donors from other groups isn’t going to help attract a good donor from this group. Donors who read negativity or frustrations aren’t lured into messaging you, so set the right mood in your posts that inspire good people to want to help.

Do not mention No Contact in your post. This is a private discussion to have behind closed doors for you and your donor. We have children activists sending screenshots to people trying to get law changes and we don’t want to give them any reason to create such sanctions. Your post will not be accepted no matter what if it mentions this.

If you wish to sign contracts that’s fine, you can list signed contract needed, but don’t list any details or reasoning for it in your post it causes it conflicts and it’s a private matter between the parties involved to discuss it.

Posts looking for a donor within a week or last-minute requests for donations will not be accepted, the media and journalists brand it as desperation, and people need to take their due diligence when looking for a donor. So if that means having a backup donor ready to go if your main donor can’t make it this should already go into consideration, but honesty and openness to the donor, needs to be communicated across, Example:  “Will you be our backup donor because our other donor lives more closer and it’s more convenient”

If you find a link about new sperm donation/fertiliy stories, you can send to Adam for posting, but we will only post new stories about fertility, or sperm donor related. Other subjects, charities, GoFundMe pages etc. Will not be approved these types of posts can be done in your local community pages.

You’re allowed one monthly post looking for a donor, with a weekly bump that doesn’t mean 5 or 6 days, a full 7 days at least, facebooks interface isn’t the best to navigate, and people will scroll down a weeks’ worth of posts anyway to see who has posted to help.

Fake Profiles

Sometimes donor and recipients will create a fake profile to join the group. They must satisfy admin that they are a real person. You can contact Adam privately from your real account letting Adam know who your alias account is, or you can get a pen and a piece of paper ready and submit a selfie with admins word of the day to confirm who you are behind the keyboard. The reason for this is because we get banned men trying to join the group under fake alias accounts trying to infiltrate. We also get Nigerian scammers trying to join and exploit people (this is quite common). Your safety and the safety of the group are of the utmost importance to us, so we take security very highly.

Do note, many donors will not donate to a fake account as they like to have a register of who they have helped to avoid incest or donor children meeting up unexpectedly. I personally would not donate to a fake account so keep that in mind.

DNA Testing

Sperm Donation Australia has setup a partnership with a DNA family tree linking company as our official database for half sibling/dibling tracking. The advantages we have over clinics is all the children born via this group can be tracked by doing a simple swab test. You can also see how many other siblings out there a donor may have, creating a more honest environment. You may ask your donor to undergo these tests and yourselves to see if they match an origin you’re looking for. To find out more visit this by clicking here or copy and paste this link into your web browser

The importance of supplements and vitamins

You are what you eat. We live in a world where fertility is declining because everything is so mass produced and good foods are now lacking in nutrient value. The rate of Autism increases since the 1990s is insane and diet has been linked to this. By having vitamins in your life and even taking them a few months before trying to conceive will help boost your fertility, lower chances of miscarriage and increase the chances of your baby being born healthy. Most donors when considering on who to help are influenced by hearing that you’re doing everything you can to prepare for a healthy baby, so a good tip is to let your potential donors know what supplements you have ordered or started to take. I have compiled a list of supplements that have been recommended to women in our group previously by their own health specialist and naturopaths that have helped them achieve quick pregnancies. Most donors won’t donate forever, and the more cycles it takes the more chance they may have of moving on, so it’s important and essentially puts the odds in your favour. Website to be updated.


Sperm Donation Australia would ideally like to always remain free, so recipients can find donors and start their family. We don’t want to be associated with other paid websites who are dollars focused and/or clinical and values profit first before anything else. We are always looking to evolve and make the community easier to run as it continues to grow at rapid rates, so we need your support to help us improve. Whether you’re buying fertility supplements, booking hotels, buying Ovulation testers, purchasing gifts for the donor etc.  We need your help so we can implement all these new exciting ideas we have on the horizon. So please check in with our affiliate links and make your purchases through them. You don’t pay anything extra. Our Affiliate list is always being updated so check in to see how you can help by clicking here or copy and paste this link into your web browser Website to be updated

Artificial Insemination Kits

Sperm Donation Australia has teamed up with Carebox to distribute Artificial Insemination Kits. I helped create these kits because over my years of donating I realised that most women are doing many things wrong. Google has a lot of misinformed conflicting information and some women get pregnant just by luck rather than a set strategy. 

A classic example is people saying sperm can live for up to 5 days. These statistics don’t consider the method that is used. With Ai, sperm is outside of the body and weakened. An analogy I use is Humans have been known to live up to 120 years of age. 1) How many people do you personally know that live to 120? Not many… If any and 2) How physically active would 120-year-old be, which is equivalent to a 5-day old sperm.

In other words, don’t trust google. There has been no set specified study research put into Ai success rate,s mainly because it’s free and there is no money for companies to invest into it. The best way of understanding Ai success is talking to donors around the world who have multiple successes from established patterns.

These Kits come with step by step instructions developed by myself after analysing all my own successes and speaking to donors all around the world with some men with over a hundred successes in USA and UK. It’s important to get your steps right. A donor will only help you for so many cycles before they give up, so you need to show that you are clued on and wanting to give yourself the best chance at success you can.

There is a preplanning kit which helps you track your cycle over the course of a few months, so you know your ovulation patterns or there is a monthly kit for all your monthly cycle needs. The newly added kit is the deluxe kit which includes Softcups, which is major game changer in highly increasing your chances of an early pregnancy.

Since the release of the Ai kits, we are receiving overwhelming feedback of increased success rates. Some donors now will only help people who are using the kits, as they see it as essential to minimising the amount of ongoing time required to help achieve a pregnancy. Be sure to let your donor know that you have purchased an Ai kit as they like hearing that you’re dedicated to wanting a quick success. Even including it in your post when looking for a donor that you have an Ai kit on order will inspire donors to want to help you and cast a larger net of people who will message you.

All the products you get included in the kit are cheaper than it is to buy separately at selected retail shops and you don’t have to go through any awkwardness buying it over the checkout or announcing to anyone you’re trying to get pregnant via this method. Sperm Donation Australia makes $4 profit off each box, of which the money is reinvested into more products and paid advertising in the group to attract more donors to help. So, this is not a money-making venture, it’s all about helping you gain success quickly.

To check out all the kits and products visit

Discrimination free group and Commenting on another person’s post.

Sometimes people will write things that are wrong, or you may not agree with. This group is all about educating but not being condescending or telling people they’re weird, odd, unusual etc. Personal attacks are not welcome. So please keep it civil. If you think it is more important to put someone down or to try and embarrass someone in their post, you will be removed as you need to get your priorities right. You’re on here to start a family not to put someone else’s family down. Keep your opinions to yourself as you have not walked their path and it’s not your job to understand it either.

Making babies is about positivity. Fertility is enhanced when stress and negatives don’t exist, so we try not to have them included in our group. Sometimes admins will need to address a negative but try and keep all your posts positive. If you have any negative experiences, contact Adam or Rosy and we can address the issue and hopefully get it sorted.

Other Groups and Paid Websites.

There are various dangerous groups and websites out there. Sperm Donation Australia monitors them all and all new decent donors who join we will speak to them and screen them into our own group if they are a good fit. The other groups are filled with highly dangerous people. One man has assaulted and threatened several women, one has given 3 people Chlamydia and another man has given women herpes. Several underage donors have been in those groups and people have been rorted by Nigerian scammers and lost considerable amounts of money.

Therefore, it’s important not to join other groups because you are putting yourself at a massive risk. Many of these groups are run by the people who have been banned from this group or who were never welcomed in to begin with. By creating their own groups, it is their way of accessing you because they do not have access to my group. There is a reason why their groups are so low in numbers compared to Sperm Donation Australia and that is because they are filled with people who do not have the right intentions.

You will notice when you join these groups that you will just be accepted. No one screens your account, because simply, no one for your well-being. Many of these peoples are con artists and masters of manipulation and can come across quite decent right up until the time of when donations are meant to commence.

Paid websites are no better. I have sent several complaints over the years to paid websites about some of their members. I have provided screen shot evidence of serious misdemeanours and the thing I have learnt about paid websites is as long as the person is paying they’re happy to have them on their page because they’re a source of money. Another thing I have learnt is just because a guy is paying doesn’t mean he takes donating seriously, it just means he has money. Having money doesn’t make you a legit person. There are “donors” that prefer to prey on people on those websites because it’s more private and less of a community feel so they can target people one by one and get away with it and not be caught out and gain a reputation.

I know what I have written above can come across scary and daunting and it is up to you if you do decide to venture onto these pages. I want your experience of having a child via this way to be amazing and special, which is why our security is so high. That is why I screen/speak/call my donors and chat to them before letting them join. We decline over 60 accounts per month and that is for everyone’s safety, hence why this group has always been safe and has that perfect safety record.

Using a Sperm donor through my group has proven to be 100% safe because of how we have set it up, so please remain safe.

Sperm Donation World Podcast

There is much to learn about online sperm donation. There is so much information about clinics that they don’t want you to know. There is a lot of information that people are unaware of that if it was all available for them to divulge it may influence their decision. This is why this podcast was created – to tell the other side of the story that they don’t want you to know, while looking in to the psychology, discussing fertility and exploring every subject about sperm donation.

You can be a part of the show in any sense. You can be a featured as a guest, or you can download the Anchor app from your app store and add Sperm Donation World and send a message, which will allow you to send a voice mail. To ask a question, keep an eye out on our upcoming potential guest list and you can handpick your questions to ask certain guests.

To find out more and to listen in on episodes, go to the official website

Media/News stories/Local Business

There have been many positive stories shared by people from this group in newspapers, tv shows and online websites. Some of these stories are paid for and some are steppingstones that lead to greater opportunities. We have big potential and future career opportunities in store for people who want to be role models and ambassadors for our community.

If you want to take the leap of faith and are happy to participate in doing something special for an amazing cause I would love to hear from you. We need more amazing and inspirational people around us.

If you also run a business or a service and think your business can fit into this community feel free to discuss, we are an online tight knit community and we want to look after our own.

From time to time there will media stories done within this group, but it will be with the agreeance of protecting members privacy.


Hopefully this document can help you get your journey started as there is a lot to learn about this exciting new way to have a family. Once you have read this please reply saying “BINGO” to let me know you have read this so we’re all on the same page. We really want you to have a great experience within this group. If you have any further questions you can post them in the group, do a search of existing posts, or contact the admin privately.

Yours Sincerely

Adam Hooper

Current admins for the group

If you ever have problems with any members or have any questions feel free to reach out to the group admins, our group admins are also happy to answer any questions from the media if they so wish to send us a message.