Do not make unsolicited contact with donors or recipients

You can only contact people from their posts if you agree with their methods and match what they’re looking for. No unsolicited contacting. If donor on donor list then free game, If you have made a post expect to receive direct messages as not all members comment on posts before they message you to not gain unwanted attention from other members.

All posts looking for donor or recipient must have these criteria

  • Location
  • Methods (For example AI/NI or AI ONLY or NI ONLY) see below also to respect peoples methods
  • No negative sentiments
  • No mention of clinic names
  • No mention of things like No Contact / This is something to be talked about in private
  • No placing limits on donors such as “I Expect you to only donate to X amount of people”, this is something you should discuss in private as there are donors out there who may have higher numbers but are more responsible and transparent than say someone who is on a limited run, Some of the donors even go as far as having Private Registers and mothers groups for complete transparancy.

Reporting any bad experiences

Report to admin with screenshots if you have any issues with members, We cannot deal with an issue and protect others if we do not know about it.

To be a part of this group you have to be at least 18 years of age.

This group is made of consenting adults only and for this reason you must be over 18.

No Aggression or Sexualized behavior

For the safety of all of our members we suggest any aggressive / sexualized behavior be reported to the admins as soon as possible.

This is not a dating group and this is not a hookup group, Treat others with the upmost respect.

No Entitlement / Arrogance / Discrimination

This group is about positive vibes and positive outcomes such as pregnancy and babies. If you like to cause conflict and mayhem this is clearly not the place. So play nice and be supportive.

Do not engage in entitled / Arrogant / Discriminatory behavior, this includes things such as expecting people to be on your level and to know everything, you need to understand that different people are at different points of their donor / recipient journey and that there are courteous ways to approach education and conflicts without restoring to less than desirable behavior or comments

If you post an ad and you aren’t interested the person is not the right fit for you then reply with something like. “Sorry I found someone else but thank you”, “Sorry you are just not what we are looking for”, or remove your ad if that’s the case. Courtesy is a big thing here!

Do not post names of clinics / Specific Links / Websites to businesses

Recommending specific clinics, websites to businesses, selling sites such as ebay is forbidden, other fb groups, talking about 3rd party products, We aren’t a commercial business free advertiser.

Respect the methods of insemination stated

All donors and recipients are to engage in what we call clear clarity, all posts to the group are to state methods to ensure that there is no confusion to what is acceptable.

EG: A recipient makes a post stating they will only do AI and then a donor approaches that member and talks about NI and trying to push this avenue without respecting the recipients wishes, this is not acceptable or tolerated behavior.

Ban on PI

Partial Insemination (Pi) is banned because it used to attract people with fetishes and a lot of these people we had issues with. It involves the man masturbating in front of the recipient and just before climax thrust in and ejaculate. A lot of women have experience extreme discomfort also with this method.

Ghosting / Manners

If you post an ad and you are no longer interested please reply eg. “Sorry I found someone else but thank you” or “Sorry you don’t exactly match what we are looking for but I will keep you in mind”, or remove your ad if that’s the case. Courtesy is a big thing here!
Donors / Recipients that have been reported to admins for being a no show without reasonable cause or letting all involved know they will not be attending will be removed from the group, Please ensure that if you make plans that you follow through with your plans or at least give adequate warning that you do not intend to continue or cannot be present in a courteous manner.

Accounts Under 4 Years old must undergo manual verification

If your Facebook account is under 4 years old you will be subjected to additional verification steps for the safety of our members due to the sensitive nature of what we are doing, this could include such things as an identity check if the admin asks as there are certain people banned from the group and our duty of care is to ensure such undesirable individuals do not re-join with fake or new profiles and ruin such a positive experience for others.
Additional factors that will trigger additional verification
  • No Profile Pictures or Pictures of yourself
  • Admins cannot see any comments or likes on your profile
  • You are using a clearly fake alias name

Do not talk about or share information about members or admins outside of the group

We value privacy and so should you, for this reason we observe the need to respect others privacy and likewise they will respect your own privacy

  • Do not share information about members with family / friends / other groups without the members explicit consent
  • Do not share information about posts outside of the groups even if you think you have a mate who would be an ideal match, Instead mention it and have them join the group to take a look, and if they get stuck in the application phase PM an admin to process the application quicker

Be in the group for the right reasons

Being a donor is all about being altruistic at its core and it is suggested that you observe this and be member of the group for the correct reasons, If an admin observes members joining the group with an intention to use the group as a dating site or as a way to search for NI only for their own self gratification then we will take action on the member, It is perfectly fine to be an NI only donor but please do it for the right reasons with nothing but good intentions.

All communication and methods are to be professional at all times.

Failure to provide testing requested by members

  • If you are asked by a member to get STD/STI please provide it to them (This stands for both AI & NI as both methods have the potential for transmission of STI/STD)
  • Some members testing may be a bit old up to a year but take into account they may not be sexually active with anyone, In some cases a donor does not want to get poked and prodded every month to 3 months for no good reason when they are not taking risks
  • Tests provided should have the donor or recipients name & date at the top to confirm that it is really their test

Genetic testing can be requested – At recipients expense (This is a once off test and a donor should only ever forward the expense one time to one recipient)

You cannot charge for sperm

In Australia it is illegal to charge for Sperm however you can recover expenses such as testing expenses / fuel / accomodation.

Do not block admins

If you block an admin you will be removed from the group without notice *No notice because the admin cannot message you*