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Unlike clinics, we are not profit driven and have no shareholders to please, this is why we can deliver you the real truth. For years we have been manipulated by these so-called professionals because there has been no voice to question it. By being able to question it, it gives us a voice that in return aims to give people a better service. It's all about making everyone accountable and honest. Join our community or follow the podcast as we delve into fertility and explore the options of creating a family.


In 2018, Sperm Donation World was launched to help increase the success rates of Artificial Insemination. The thing is, when doing your research on doctor google everything you read regarding timing, hints and tips is based on Natural Insemination conceptions. Once the Sperm is exposed to light, temperature changes, seismic shock and more importantly oxygen (oxidative stress) it’s a different ball game altogether. It’s more strategic, and timing is essential! Speaking with experienced donors from all around the world, many whom have successfully assisted donor recipients to conceive, an exclusive step-by-step instruction guide has been developed by Sperm Donation World.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions that make the whole process fool-proof. It comes with everything you need, to help give you the best odds of reaching your goal, and is available for free of charge.

Since the introduction of our Artificial Insemination kits the success rates within the community have increased dramatically, exactly what they’re designed to achieve. So don’t waste countless months doing the wrong things and learning the hard way; let our instruction guide and Ai kits help you achieve your dream sooner rather than later.

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  1. Hi,
    Just a suggestion. How about creating a really user-friendly app for free sperm donation worldwide? The app will run like a dating app, where any woman can find her ideal guy easily and meet up. I envision a future where any woman of any background, orientation, marital status, or ethnicity can freely choose the guy with the most desirable genes to father her children. This might actually create a better world with less strife. Handsome looking guys or intelligent guys will spread their genes far and wide. Humanity will ultimately benefit.
    I got inspired by the story of Ari Nagel in New York. He has fathered children around the US and all around the world. White, Black, Latino, Asian, and African women all over have demanded his free sperm and given birth to beautiful babies. I believe with the power of social media, the demand for this kind of service will grow enormously. There’s just not enough handsome guys like him to fill this need around the world. More men need to step up to the plate. If you’ve got good stuff, then why not offer it generously to create more happiness and joy?
    I don’t know how to create an app myself. Maybe you guys can find an app developer to do the job if you think this is a great idea.
    At the same time, to expand the whole operation, I would also suggest that this website and the Facebook groups be translated into other languages in order to reach out to non-English speaking countries. Women in Latin America or Asia might be looking for sperm donors but can’t find them easily due to restrictive local laws. If you guys can make this operation more global and accessible, women who have the money can reimburse the travel and accommodation costs to a sperm donor like Adam Hooper, Kyle Gordy, or John Cap to fly there and do the good deed. What do you think?
    In any case, keep up the good work, gentlemen. What you’re doing is going to change the world in the long term. There will be more love, happiness, and joy.
    All the best!

  2. Can the kit be shipped to Mauritius?

  3. Hi Adam,
    How’s it going? I read the article, “Rise of the Sperm Bro”. I applaud you on your effort. You gotta keep touring more countries around the world and promote the Sperm Donation World community. Recruit more donors and help more women. This model of offering free sperm will change the world and bring about more peace in the long term. Connect with more like-minded men who are ready, willing, and able. Form a solid global network that will really open up a new horizon. Keep using more social media to promote this concept. The most convincing thing is to show the “resulting product” ie, the lovely babies produced from sperm donation. Let the lovely children speak for this movement. When more single women and lesbian couples see these babies and understand how much easier the process can be through free sperm donation, the demand will skyrocket. Conceivably, you can father over 100 babies in your lifetime easily, just like Ari Nagel. He’ll probably end up having 200 before he’s done. I prefer to see more healthy good-looking men, such as you, father more children around the world. This will produce beneficial effects down the road. Keep up the good work! Spread the message!

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