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Unlike clinics, we are not profit driven, we have no shareholders to please this is why we can deliver you the real truth. For years we have been manipulated by these so called proffesionals because there has been no other voice to question it. By being able to question it, it gives us a voice that hopefully in return will give people a better service it's all about making everyone accountable and honest. Join our community or follow the podcast as we delve into fertility and explore the options of creating a family.

Episode 28: Single Mother by Choice

Cat Ellen 33, from Sydney, just celebrated her little man’s first birthday we reflect on her journey to motherhood. For her, she faced a common life scenario that women face these days, where is Mr. Right? and at what point do you switch to plan b with that biological clock ticking sound beating louder and louder with each passing month.

As the years went on Cat noticed friend’s marriages were falling apart and major custody battles over their children taking place, as she witnessed all this carnage, sperm donation was looking the far more logical and safer option to bring a child into this world as could offer that child unconditional love.

We explore Today’s culture of dating in the digital age we now find ourselves in and the failures she experienced in that. We speak to her about using an experienced donor, prepping her body in preparation for pregnancy, and achieving a first cycle success. Plus the nitty-gritty questions of birth certificates and Centrelink questions plus much more in this fun and chirpy episode.

Facebook:Cat Ellen
Facebook Group:Sperm Donation Australia

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