The Sperm Donation World has a large array of stories to showcase and we’re constantly looking for those to share their stories. Doesn’t matter who you’re, you may wish to even remain anonymous. You may even want to plug your business as a perk. We want to hear

Topics we would like to discuss:

The list below are topics we’re keen to discuss so if you feel you could contribute and would like to be a guest on the show would love to hear from you.

Becoming a Guest on the Show.

If you have a story to tell there are a few important things that you can do to help make the podcast great. The most important thing about podcasts is the sound quality, it can be a real downer when the guest has so much great stuff to say but it’s a struggle trying to focus on it.

A good microphone and headset count towards a better quality episode, by having a headset on the sound doesn’t echo down the lines and provides crisp clearness.

The Zoom app is used to record the podcast episode and an HTML link will be sent to you for you to join. This part is quite easy as zoom is quite a user-friendly platform.

Turning vibrating/sound off on your phone, nothing worst when you have a great guest but their phone is going off like hotcakes.

The smaller the room the better for a nicer sounding voice.

Surrounding sounds, being outside for example with winds can ruin the sound quality, refrigerators running and air-conditioning can also provide static.

Editing it’s ok to stuff up, you can start again the podcast isn’t live so things can be edited out and fixed up it’s not the end of the world.

Anonymity is fine but not encouraged for authenticity.

People of interest we would like to talk to

There is many people in the Sperm donor world that we would like to chat to and discuss their story.

Donor 9623 Chris Aggeles

Chris Aggeles: Cryobank Donor 9623 accused of passing on schizophrenia to potential donor children, would love to hear his side of the story and how he feels about the media exposure he received.

Alan Phan: The donor that has been stood down until he explains his story via the podcast about the suspension of the women he helped in Melbourne’s embroyos

Jennifer Cramblett was the victim of a Sperm Bank mixup of sperm that resulted in a child of a different race being born than she was expecting. I would love to speak to her about how this can be stopped from ever happening again to anyone else.

Jeniffer Cramblett

Masson v Parsons: This Co-parenting arrangement went wrong caused so many waves and disturbances in the community and it really needs an explanation from one of these two parties.

Groth & Banks – Single Mums and Sperm Donor Dads: The clinics in Australia lead people to believe they’re legally protected from their donor taking rights. This case proved that clinics are not safe and we would love to hear the story told by either party, so people can have a better understanding.

If you have a story in your neck of the woods that you would really love to hear or if you know any of these people and can put me in touch. Please email I would also love to hear from you have a story to tell 🙂