Topics up for discussion

Potential Upcoming guests

The upcoming guest list is potential guests for the show that expressed some interest, by announcing them in advance it allows our listeners to download the app “Anchor” search for Sperm Donation World podcast and you’re able to send a voicemail as a recording that can appear on the show, you may have a question? or you may have words of support feel free to drop a line.

Jessica Rodriguez (Australia): New Mummy Blogger on the block with a unique story having twins born from a resultant pregnancy from her Sperm Donation Australia donors. We chat to her all about it and her passion for giving back to the community.

SouthGlos Donor (UK): In comparison to some other UK sperm donors, he has only helped a modest 120 children being born, yet he is still highly regarded and respected donor in this very competitive part of the world. We find out more about SouthGlos.

Seth Wayne (Australia): Being an Asian donor in predominate white Australian community we discuss Seth’s experiences, talk about half Asian/half caucasian children and the demand for them. Also discuss Seth’s Genetic testing dna tests.

John Cady (USA): John is a natural insemination donor that runs a facebook group that discusses and embraces natural insemination stories. we shall gather his views and thoughts.

Gail Pascoe (Australia): She has spent the last 4 years researching Donor conception after using American Donor Sperm at a local Australian clinic and discovering her daughter has over 100 siblings from the same clinical donor. She has learned so much on the topic and is releasing a book in 2019 to share her knowledge.

Jayme Gibson (Australia): A Single Mother by Choice, who traveled interstate which resulted in her lovely daughter being born, we discuss the logistics of traveling and how she is managing the single mother by choice life.

Walter Le Aventurier (Australia): A keen donor eager to help who has just experienced his first success donating, we chat to Walter and discuss his learning curve in becoming a donor and how is learning.

Topics we would like to discuss:

The list below are topics we’re keen to discuss so if you feel you could contribute and would like to be a guest on the show would love to hear from you.

  • Fertility issues (PCOS & Endo)
  • Co-parenting
  • Parents who have conceived via Clinic and Home insemination
  • Parents who failed at IVF and switched to Home insemination with success
  • Donors (Single, married, gay, straight)
  • People from different religious or cultural backgrounds
  • Same-sex parents (Birth certificates, experiences, guidance)
  • Solo Mothers by choice
  • Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA)
  • Clinical Experiences
  • Egg donors
  • Surrogacy
  • Overseas Clinics
  • Products
  • Vitamins
  • STDs
  • Selecting Cryo donors from overseas.
  • IVF mishaps
  • Fertility experts
  • Counsellors

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