Snowballs Underwear

When Adam Hooper first began donating in 2015, he had a reasonable count, as an artificial insemination donor that didn’t guarantee instant success on average the people he was helping were still taking 3 to 6 months on average to conceive.  Once Adam started to implement positive lifestyle changes such as his diet and including supplements, his success rate rose rapidly that women were conceiving on average in 1 to 2 cycles. Yet in the warmer months, success rates weren’t as good.  Adam wanted to see if this was a trend and spoke to experienced donors throughout the world that also experience warmer climates. That is when he came across another donor who had been wearing Snowball underwear, that allows the testicles to remain cooler through their gel packs. This particular donor had noticed increased success since wearing them throughout the whole year and swore by them.

Rather than taking him on his word, Adam wanted to see for himself and decided to give them a go he found in the summer of 2017/18 and his sperm count didn’t take a hit compared to previous years, and while still wearing them during the winter months  sperm count, motility and morphology were all at record levels for him. It has become an item that he now highly recommends and got in contact with Snowballs to affiliate with them in a product he truly has witnessed first hand the drastic improvements it provides.

Who would have thought a little thing such as your underwear could be so prolific in success rates. The reason behind this is the testicles which are located in the scrotum, a sack that is located outside the body separated from all other internal organs.  Well, it’s in that location because sperm is produced in greater quality and quantity at lower temperatures than body temperatures, the human body functions at 37 degrees and the testes are normally cooler at 35 degrees. The optimal temperature is 34 degrees and produce sperm well up to 8 degrees below body temp. So by cooling down these bad boys, it will rapidly ramp up production.

If the donor plays sport, hits the gym, works/exposed to heated affected areas, the temperature will rise down there and an increase of as little as 2 degrees can have adverse effects. It’s time like these the donor should certainly be wearing this type of underwear and even if you’re not exposed to such ailments you will still receive increase benefits in results. 

A common mistake is when many recipients go looking for a donor they believe it is simply just picking one and a baby will instantly come if you’re not prepared you can spend lots of dollars on ovulation testing kits, hotel costs, time spent tracking and working out logistics with the donor for future months and dealing with the stress of it not working after each failed cycle. If you have a donor lined up or have already been trying for multiple months already getting your donor a set of these undies isn’t not only a good gesture that demonstrates your commitment but also helps you achieve quicker success.

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