Sperm Donation New Zealand

With Adam Hooper moving to New Zealand in August 2021, what better time to properly launch Sperm Donation New Zealand and give them a similar high-quality experience that matches are other communities.

Notice: Currently looking for Moderators please apply within Facebook

Update: Adam Hooper will be arriving in New Zealand shores August 2021

Media: All Media related inquiries send through Facebook Adam Hooper or Via Instagram @Spermdonationworld

Meet the Team:

Adam Hooper
Position: Admin
About:After originally setting up Sperm Donation Australia in 2015, Adam ventures into New Zealand in August 2021 where he hopes to lead by example and inspire others to donate and show others this could be the right pathway to start or extend their own family.
Social Media:Instagram: @Spermdonationworld
Twitter:  @adamhooperdonor
Facebook: Adam Hooper  
Youtube channel: Sperm Donation World

Taryn Cumming
About:Taryn and her partner Kat pretty much fell pregnant simultaneously using the Ai method with the same donor. Since then their 2 little welcome additions have arrived and this power couple has been great ambassadors for shedding light on this way of starting a family.
Social Media:Instagram: 2 Bumps Same Love
Facebook page: 2 Bumps Same Love
Youtube Channel: 2 Bumps Same Love
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