Trak Fertility

This product is only currently available in the USA, I am working on them getting it elsewhere 🙂 As a sperm donor myself, I know how many other donors out there who haven’t had their sperm analysed. I have had many women over the years saying,  “Adam, could you please help us we have been using this donor for 10 months now and still no pregnancy”. In some cases, I have responded “Oh ok  I will help” and often they fall pregnant within the first cycle. So essentially they almost wasted a year of a baby trying inseminating sperm each month that were at low counts. 

Finding a donor to help you is one thing, finding a donor with a decent sperm count is entirely another, tests like this will give you an idea of motility and sperm concentration 2 vital key indicators that will determine your chances of falling pregnant to a donor. Some donors don’t get around to getting their own Sperm Analysed, even though they come across as really nice guys, it’s just not high in the priority list, or they have the fear of knowing

So you’re left with 3 options

1) Keep persisting wasting potential months of trying

2)Try to find a new donor then getting him to do an analysis

3)Take matters into your own hands and test the sperm yourself this can save you in thousands before having to resort to testing your own fertility.

This product is foolproof and in the videos below demonstrates just how easy it is to use. It even comes with an app. So everything is so simple. You can order yours today by clicking here

Tenga men’s loupe

Not necessarily a sperm count test but a microscope device that will work with smartphones so you can see how much movement is going on in the sample you have received, some donors haven’t done sperm counts before, so this can give you peace of mind, by viewing yourself.

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