Sperm Donation Australia

Established in 2015, Sperm Donation Australia has proven that online donation can be a very safe platform for starting a family if administrated correctly, while there is other platforms out there that give out a bad name due to poor administration, this community strives for greatness, all members receive the relevant information guides upon entry and accounts are screened for legitimacy. Safety is our number 1 priority and so far we maintain a 100% record in terms of Zero STDs, No legal issues and no criminal offenses such as assault.

This is why Sperm Donation Australia is the perfect place to begin. It is a closed group so family and friends won’t be able to see that you’re in the group unless they happen to be in the group themselves. So if you’re in Australia, or seriously considering traveling to Australia to use a donor come check us out today. Likewise, if you’re considering becoming a sperm donor, I can coach you through it.

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