Sperm Donation Australia

Established on the 24th June 2015, Sperm Donation Australia has proven over that duration that online donation can be a very safe platform for starting a family if administrated correctly, while there are other platforms out there that give out a bad name due to poor administration, this community strives for greatness.

This page is your beginner’s resource for this community to review and reflect on and we ask that you all buy into a winning formula that helps make this group run smoothly. Safety is our number 1 priority and so far we maintain a 100% record in terms of Zero STDs, No legal issues, and no criminal offenses such as assault.

This is why Sperm Donation Australia is the perfect place to begin your family expansion journey. It is a closed group so family and friends won’t be able to see giving you full privacy. So if you’re in Australia, or seriously considering traveling to Australia to use a donor come check us out today.

Meet the team

Adam Hooper
In 2015, Adam who is based in Western Australia created Sperm Donation Australia the first of his Sperm Donation World communities. It was created because he didn’t want to be associated with people that would give his association to sperm donation a bad name. Strong on values and morals and running a tight ship, not afraid to make the tough decisions.

Passionate about the science of conception he has done much research into success rates and fine tweaking hints and tips for others to fall pregnant while using himself as a guinea pig the fine-tune diets for optimum fertility. Done the ancestry and genetic testing really likes to lead by example to set a benchmark for others to follow.

With a focus on admiring he is not actively looking to donate but can be approachable about a discussion on the topic from members or professional inquiries.

Adam’s main role is screening every account that joins the group and ensuring the high standards are met within the group. He can always be private messaged to discuss various points.

Lulu Quinn
Entering her mid-30s Lulu who is based in Queensland knew it was her time to embark on the motherhood journey via the single mother by choice route.

A first-time attempt success and she now finds herself with a full belly and incoming baby on the way, while establishing a relationship proving that anything is possible when it comes to finding love.

Lulu’s main role is the organization of the Donor list on the page, adding removing, and maintaining the list. Although she will need your assistance if you’re a donor and decide to leave let her know if you’re a recipient and you come across an inactive donor let her know and she will follow it up.

Matthew Beal
After a messy breakup with his, ex Matt has experienced rock bottoms that come with such territory. An active member in Men’s support groups and advocate of mental health. He found donating as a great way to bring back happiness in his life.

Matt also featured on the Sperm Donation World podcast episode 18 “The Donor Ambassador of Australia.

Matt’s main role is speaking to donors and donor recruitment for recipients if you’re in an area of Australia that is lacking donors speak to Matt and he will seek to find you one.

Rosy Cella
Currently back in Europe Rosy is taken a well-earnt break. A passionate Graphic designer who was responsible for the creation of Sperm Donation Australia Logos.

The previous donor list manager and now approves posts and sorts out any conflict group members may have.

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