On the back of the Sperm Donation Australia success Sperm Donation USA was created on 27 July 2018 we identified that the people of America deserved a higher standard group, previously all groups were run by men that wanted to fulfill their own agendas, and therefore the quality was compromised.

With most of Adam’s time invested in the Sperm Donation Australia community, Kyle Gordy owner of the Sperm Donation World franchise, a very passionate, knowledgeable Californian donor to help lead the way.

The USA community is a work in progress and we face many challenges but we continue to strive in the right direction to offer you the safest platform to find a donor in the United States. Many other groups aspire to be like us and some have even tried to imitate us to trick people.

Meet the Team:

 Adam Hooper
About:Adam started his Sperm Donation brand name in 2015, and with his high standards and screening process established a community in Australia that is now more popular than clinics. Receiving donations from online donors is now the number 1 preferred method for recipients in Australia and he wishes to replicate that for the people of USA, he believes that knowing who your donor is so much more psychological beneficial for the child and believes fresh sperm over frozen is far better for the donor-conceived persons long term health.  

He has created his own podcast and is always open to interviewing more American donors and recipients so they can share their American dream.  Always open to media interviews and sharing his thoughts, knowledge, and vision.  
Adam has travelled all-across his own country and donated overseas and is open to travelling all over the world for people that he connects with and wishes to use his services.   He looks forward to touring USA one day and meeting some great people, he loves the American food, the sporting culture and the history and traditions. Australia and USA are number 1 allies and we take this partnership into Sperm Donation.
Social Media:Instagram: @Spermdonationworld
Twitter:  @adamhooperdonor
Facebook: Adam Hooper  
Youtube channel: Sperm Donation World
Donating Methods:Open to Discussion (Cannot ship internationally) Can travel.
 Kyle Gordy
Position:Head Admin/Co-Founder/Website Owner
About:Kyle Gordy teams up with Adam Hooper in July of 2018 as the man to run Sperm Donation USA. Kyle started actively donating sperm at the age of 22 and has developed into the world’s most popular donor as an article from the Mirror has put it.

Some American donors have been extremely jealous of Kyle and some have tried to tarnish his reputation, but have failed miserably in their actions.

Kyle has donated all around the United States and is often traveling he plans on doing overseas tours all around the world and is open to any form of media. He also featured on episode 3 of the Sperm Donation World podcast
Social Media:Instagram: @Kylegordy123
Twitter:  @Kylegordy11
Facebook: Kyle Gordy
Youtube channel: Kyle Gordy
Webpage: bepregantnow
Donating Methods:Open to Discussion, Can travel.
John Cap
About:John began donating in 2015 and is a straight shooter when it comes to admining when he isn’t donating he loves white water rafting and kayaking.

John also loves to travel and he has been to Mexico and has two donor children there. one via IUI in a clinic and the other was AI.

In his college days, he did geology and anthropology and does engineering work. he has green eyes, funnily enough, most kids result in having blue eyes.

He also has Rhesus negative blood and CMV negative. Which makes him a perfect match for an RH negative recipient.
Social Media:Instagram: @John.cap.45
Facebook: John Cap 
Donating Methods:All methods can travel

Elaine Raby Byrd
About: This Pageant Mom has an older daughter and wanted to give her a beautiful sibling, picking one of the greatest donors in the land, she has given birth to her first donor child.
Social Media: Facebook: Elaine Raby Byrd
Podcast: Episode 23 : Pageant Mom – Sperm Donation World