Polycystic Ovary Syndrome it is a hormonal disorder that affects about 5% heterosexual ladies and 30% of same-sex women, so within our Sperm Donation World community, this is a common everyday problem. A lot of our women don’t even realize they have PCOS and have been undiagnosed and it’s not until they start the donor journey and tracking do they perhaps realize that something isn’t quite right.

There is so many different symptoms of PCOS that many can fail to be identified and left being misdiagnosed. Some symptoms maybe, Absent period, Acne, Anovulatory cycles (no egg release), Estrogen excess symptoms Excessive body hair, Hair loss, Heavy Periods, Infertility, Insulin Resistance, Menstrual irregularities, Ovarian cysts (Discovered via ultrasound) Recurrent miscarriage.  Weight gain or Obesity (Even though eating healthy and exercising).

Also, one thing to note even though it’s called Polycystic ovary syndrome not all PCOS women have cysts on their ovaries which makes everything just so confusing.

So, what can you do to improve fertility, regulate cycles and help ensure ovulation is predictable? well firstly a diet of low carb diet seems to be very effective for many and then there is a number of supplements I will go through below that I have seen via our community to help bring success, because lets face it PCOS can be horrible to organise a donor to help as it is so unpredictable in nature. At least by taking these supplements it does show your donor that you’re committed in doing everything possible in achieving the goal of becoming pregnant and let him know you’re taking these supplements, so he knows how serious you’re, so he continues to help you through this as it can be time consuming for all parties. Personally, I don’t like to discriminate in who I help, but when I come across women with PCOS who aren’t being proactive in trying to do the little things to help put odds more in their favour to create a baby I do question their want to be parents. Unfortunately no one wants PCOS and we’re all dealt different cards but sometimes we got to accept the cards that have been dealt and look at ways to overcome this curve ball.

I created this page specifically because PCOS has caused a lot of heartache within this community over the years and I feel everyone has the right to have a family despite the hurdles in front of them may this page help in bringing you a quick success. These are products I have seen women in our community use with positive feedback reported back, I have done my own research over the years, while also monitoring recipients own cycles and see them starting to be become more predictable and regulated. Feel free to do further research or ask your health specialist or GP if you have any concerns, these are over the counter supplements so don’t require prescription their ingredients are quite natural properties so untoward effects should be minimal. iherb does a good job putting warnings on the purchase page and is a trusted worldwide company with a good reputation.

Fairhaven Health, Myo-Inositol, For Women and Men
Quantity: 1 month

This supplement acts as an insulin-sensitizing agent which ultimately improves egg quality and menstrual cycle regularity. If excessive hair growth is an issue this may also nullify that as well as weight loss and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes. One of the best supplements for women with PCOS.  
Nordic Naturals, Omega-3, Lemon, 1560 mg
Quantity: 3 Months

Omega 3s are important for those with PCOS because it reduces testosterone and helps regulate menstrual cycle as well as reduce inflammation. Omega 3 can reduce Leptin levels which takes your body out of starvation mode allowing you to burn excess weight. For PCOS women around the 1500 mg range is perfect hence why we recommend this brand of omega 3 as has the required dosage to be effective.  
Now Foods, Tri-Chromium, 500 mcg
Quantity: 6 months

Chromium is a trace mineral that helps insulin levels and reduces blood sugar levels with women with PCOS. It also lowers blood glucose levels that makes it easier to lose weight.  Daily intakes levels about 400 mcg have been proven effective.  
Nature’s Way, Vitex Fruit, 400 mg
Quantity: ~5 months

One of the most commonly recommended and linked products associated with PCOS also known as Chaste Berry. It works by its effect on the master pituitary gland which is the gland that controls the right amount of hormones to be made by the ovaries so it can do its job effectively.  
Source Naturals, N-Acetyl Cysteine, 1000 mg
Quantity: 2 months

It is antioxidant and an amino acid that studies have shown to have great effects on weight loss, reducing excess hair growth, fasting insulin, reducing testosterone and making menstrual cycles more regular. Metformin is a prescription based PCOS drug and this natural supplement is very similar in comparison.  
Solaray, Magnesium Glycinate, 400 mg
Quantity: 4 months
As per instructions, it says to take 4 times a day but with PCOS one tablet before bedtime is sufficient enough in fasting glucose and insulin levels. Can also help with prevention of weight gain, hormone imbalance which is exactly what you want when you’re up against PCOS. This form of Magnesium is highly absorbable form which is crucial not any brand of magnesium will do when it comes to PCOS.
Nature’s Bounty, Saw Palmetto, 450 mg
Quantity: 8 months
Goes hand in hand with Zinc so be sure to incorporate both, 450 mg Is the recommended intake for those with PCOS. These 2 supplements combined reduce the majority of PCOS systems such as hair loss, facial hair growth, acne and menstrual irregularities basically by reducing testosterone to androgen known as DHT but let’s not go there and just know it helps regulate.
Now Foods, Zinc Glycinate
Quantity: 4 months

Works in conjunction with Saw Palmetto, so basically no point buying one with out the other. Studies also conclude that zinc has a a positive impact on metabolic profiles for women with PCOS.
Now Foods, L-Arginine, 1,000 mg
Quantity: 2 months

Combine with N-Acetyl Cysteine in many cases has helped restore ovulatory cycles for women with PCOS.
Now Foods, L-Carnitine, 250 mg
Quantity: 1 month

In general women with PCOS seem to lack this amino acid, it is found by taking this supplement it triggers burning fat. It also improves insulin sensitivity.
Solgar, Flaxseed Oil, 1250 mg
Quantity: 3 months

Flaxseed is a superfood high in rich nutrient even the ancient Egyptians used it for medicinal purposes. Among omega 3 Flaxseed contains a chemical compound called lignan which is found in plants this chemical helps reduce androgen levels therefore reducing testosterone levels by up to 80% some researchers claim which in comparison to other natural remedies is by far the most effective.
Now Foods, Vitamin D-3, 10,000 IU
Quantity: 1 Year

While Vitamin D deficiency has negative effects on everyone PCOS sufferers still included in this. It will assist in weight loss, follicle and egg maturation, regular menstrual cycles, and improve fertility by playing a role in glucose metabolism improving insulin sensitivity.
Solgar, Folate, 1,000 mcg
Quantity: 2 months

Combined with Inositol can improve fertility for women with PCOS as it improves insulin sensitivity.
Mushroom Wisdom, Maitake D Fraction
Quantity: 2 months

This supplement in various studies has shown results in the ability to induce ovulation in higher rates than a cycle without it.