At Sperm Donation World we understand that when first touching your toes into new unchartered waters it can be overwhelming, that is why we’re are expanding out on content to help create a valuable source of information to help you along in your journey to parenthood.

Insemination Guides & Time to Conceive (TTC)

Methods of insemination AI & NI


The official guide on how to do Home Insemination /Artficial Insemination.

Lean about cervical mucus and what it means to your fertility levels

Learn how to chart and when are the best times to inseminate

The Trying to Conceive (TTC) Community can be a whole other language.

Legal & Agreements

We explore what these agreements are all about and even have a few templates.

We explore what these agreements are all about and even have a few templates.

Being an Effective Donor or Recipient

Writing a post can be daunting and overwhelming and you can also miss mandatory requirements this is where this guide comes in handy.

Do you have or know someone that has what it takes to become a sperm donor well click here and find out.

Nutrition, Health & Suppliments

How important is it for the recipient and donor to do genetic testing? What are the risks?

When it comes to having children does donor and recipient blood type matter? Why are there different blood type groups?

Read oh how lubrication can effect your chances of pregnancy and why it is important to use sperm friendly lubrication

Some people couldn’t think of anything worst, while others would love a 2 for the price of 1 deal. Can you increase your chances of having twins?

We would be happy just to have a healthy bub, right? Well sometimes we also would like to put odds in a certain favour for a particular sex.

Prepping your body for a baby can take discipline, what better way to keep on track by consuming a smoothie daily.

Social & Psychological

Learn more about why using a private donor can be a better choice than using a clinic

While some people like to a race they’re familiar with, others would love to have a rainbow type family, however, is it really that simple, are there things to take into consideration?

When it comes to choosing a donor, does their experience count?


Sometimes not being biologically related to your partner’s child can be hard to process, we look at ways to overcome these types of feelings.

Many couples start IVF with hopes of starting a family, many don’t survive the process together, we look at ground rules and tips that might keep you together.


Why Choose Private over a Clinic

A recap on some of the clinical horror stories that have happened around the world.