Ethical or not?

To be able to choose a baby’s sex is a powerful debate. People are passionate opinionated creatures with views on matters that may and may not concern them directly. There are people that have religious and cultural beliefs and feel we should not play god.  There is also a belief that an imbalance of gender may occur and affect society in unprecedented levels like in India and China.

China is a highly populated communist country and in the late 70s was sitting at approximately 970 million people and on track to become the first nation to have 1 billion people (which they would reach in 1982). From the 1940s the Chinese government tried to curtail population by encouraging contraception. this strategy did not stunt growth, so in 1979 they implemented a one-child policy that would come into effect on September 25th, 1980. This caused massive dramas in the balance of sex ratios in China and from that point, China would have 120 baby boys’ born to every 100 girls born. Unfortunately, many of these poor girls got aborted or even worse, flushed down the toilet at birth. On October 29th, 2015 after many years of hesitation, the one-child policy ended and changed to a two-child policy. In the time since we have started to see the male to female birth ratio graph head towards a more equal level.

The ramification of having a surplus of 33 million males in the population has caused all sorts of sociodemographic dilemmas. For starters, it has become so hard for men to find wives that now families who have had a daughter have put a hefty price tag on their marriage. It is not uncommon for most families to expect the groom to have his own apartment and to offer them a cash gift of more than $15,000 USD.

This may explain why the crime rates in China have increased six-fold since the one-child policy introduction as from birth the children are being brought up and raised in an environment that is male-dominated. Their peers have an influence on them and with that lack of female presence, their personality traits are affected, such as becoming more impatient, more risk-taking, and neurotic and this has all been documented as a result. When you consider the fact that two-thirds of violent and property-related crimes worldwide are committed by young unmarried men that now need to have their own apartment and cash in order to even consider a partner, you can see the driving force behind turning to financially rewarding crimes.

There is quite the quandary when it comes to the selection of sex that even The United Nations has stated that it opposes sex selection for non-medical reasons (medical reasons would be to prevent the passing on of genetic diseases), as does the World Health Organization (WHO), which has stated that sex selection for non-medical reasons “raises serious moral, legal, and social issues”. Primary issues include, “the distortion of the natural sex ratio leading to a gender imbalance” and because it can “reinforce discriminatory and sexist stereotypes towards women by devaluing females”.

In Australia, the Australian Health Ethics Committee banned gender selection in 2005 (Genea Fertility in Sydney was doing it up until then). Their decision outcome was said to be based on the interests of the child. Gender selection can be done in one condition though if you can get approved for an exemption due to a genetic mutation gene you may have that would affect the child’s well-being if inherit-ably passed on to them. For example, if a couple is carrying the genes for muscular dystrophy and hemophilia, this is a condition that specifically affects the male sex. For the majority of Australians that insist on a certain gender, traveling overseas to countries like the USA, Thailand, Mexico, and Italy, is known as “Reproduction Tourism” and the Australian clinics don’t like it one bit. They are losing out on big business here in Australia and they’re constantly pushing for change. Their argument is simple yet quite reasonable –  if a single/couple has two children of one sex, why can’t the third child’s gender be determined? Some experts believe Australia is still many decades away before gender selection could be made legal. For the foreseeable future, you will have to travel overseas.

In the USA, while it is legal, some clinics do not offer it unless there are genetic reasons or what they call family balancing. Interestingly enough, in countries like Australia, UK And USA, it was quite the contrary of China, in that over 60% of people wanted a baby girl. Canada, China, India, and the UK are some of the other countries alongside 105 others that have banned gender selection based on similar ethical principles.

Ultimately while everyone is going to have a divisive opinion about gender selection, it exclusively comes down to your own personal beliefs on the issue and if that’s something you want to ensure for your family dynamic then there are ways around it for a guarantee, but it may come at a hefty cost. Psychologically wise, we do not really know if there is an impact on people being born and being told we specifically wanted a girl and that is why you are here. I am not sure if it is detrimental to someone’s well-being, however, only time will tell as often is the case from clinical decisions made in the past.

How is the Clinic process done?

For those curious about going overseas or living in a country where gender selection is legal, I may as well give you a little more information on the process of how it is done. It is called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). It is a scientific technique that tests the chromosomes for abnormalities or genetic defects. As they are examining the chromosomes, they can determine the sex of that potential child, allowing them tp pick out designated embryos based on their gender criteria.

PGD is the most effective gender selection method available and many of the places that facilitate it claims to have a near 100% sex-determining ratio. However, it is quite an expensive process compared to other alternatives, and when you are considering international travel and accommodation you want to consider the cost. You may also consider other alternative methods that are cheaper but of course, you get what you are paying for and the success rate percentage lowers with other options.

Well then, what is the other alternatives out there? The MicroSort method is a method carried out by the sperm. It is put in a fluorochrome dye and then exposed to ultraviolet light. They are then able to determine the sex, as male and female sperm send off different electromagnet fields. The X chromosome (female) has approx. 2.8% more genetic material compared to a Y sperm (boy). This extra DNA material in X sperm allows them to shine brighter which is how they distinguish the sex.  The success rates reflect this as if you are trying for a girl there is a 91% chance, as they are picking the brightest sperm. For boys, odds are lower at 75% success rate. It is also quite a lengthy process that can take between 6 to 7 hours.

Obviously, my main concern, being the worrywart that I am, is about children being born 100% healthy and if there is potential DNA damage caused to the sperm by the effects of the ultraviolet and the dye. The Food and Drug Administration FDA ( US watchdog) put a ban on MicroSort but they never really gave us any clear indication as to why? Could it be from the same concerns I have? If you seek this method you may have to look around as some countries have followed suit. My understanding is Mexico still allows it, Nachos anyone?

The centrifuge method, aka “Spinning sperm”, first started in the 1970s. I first learned of this method myself several years ago from a lady friend from high school, who was coincidentally having children at the same point of her life (first and second children) as myself. Both our children were born a couple of weeks apart on both occasions, although, with my ex-partner at the time, we did not require medical intervention. My friend had an advantage over us in swaying the sex of her child she had a boy previously and really wanted a girl the second time around. She ended up getting her wish for a girl and it stuck with me as I ended up having two children of the same sex, not that I would change it for the world now.

The actual method when you compare it with MicroSort I guess is based on the same concept in a way. Ultimately it sorts out boy sperm and girl sperm from spinning. The girl sperm weigh more (because of that extra 2.8% of genetic material they carry) and will sink to the bottom, while the lighter male sperm rise to the top. It is fascinating though, that sperm sorting success rate is more accurate with boys at approx. 81% compared to girls’ success rate of 75%. Whereas the MicroSort method is better at pinpointing girls. This is a cheaper option than MicroSort and PGD if money plays a factor in your decision.

The Last clinical option we will explore is the Ericsson method. This is the cheapest option out of all that I have mentioned. It is essentially a motility challenge by designing a race using a sticky protein solution known as albumin. The theory is that boy sperm swim quicker, which means they can separate out all the race winners (they are the Y sperm), from the loser’s (sorry ladies, they’re the X sperm), in fairness though you do have that 2.8% extra genetic material weighing you down.

Gender selection for trying at home….

Now time for the fun stuff – there is believed to be 7 factors that help determine gender swaying and the more of the 7 you do, the more you put the odds in your favour. They’re determined by pH levels, ions, minerals, diet, hormones, supplements, and timing. There are also several old wives’ tales and ancient theories out there as well.

Shettles Method

The Shettles Method was formed in the 1960s by Dr. Landrum Shettles. Shettles observed under a microscope that sperm with smaller heads moved faster than those with fat heads because the Y chromosome is smaller than the X chromosome (he presumed small heads meant y (male) sperm and fat head meant X (female) sperm).

Emerging research dismisses Shettles claims that y sperm do not have different sized heads and what he was actually observing was capacitated and uncapacitated sperm, which science didn’t discover until later. Without going into the nitty-gritty, Dr. Shettles noticed that capacitated sperm didn’t live as long and came up with his theory. Since then, opposing theories now believe X and Y swim about the same speed, survive about the same length of time, and are the same size.

Despite that, many people believe in his theory in regard to timing. For starters, female sperm contains 2.8% more genetic material; hence they should weigh more, hence female sperm should swim slower, hence they may live longer as they don’t travel as fast and burn out. This reminds me of the classic rendition of the children’s story ’The Tortoise and the Hare’. Why did the hare need to sleep? He comes across as cocky but geez he went so fast he really needed rest, so the tortoise carries on at its own pace and wins the race.

This theory ultimately is based around that if it is a marathon a female sperm should win, if it is a sprint, the male should win. This is based in the context that when you receive the sperm donation if you’re doing natural insemination you should be having sex as much as possible 2 to 3 days out from ovulation. You will read different variations and opinions on the internet about this. If you’re doing artificial insemination, ideally you would be receiving a donation within a couple of hours of getting a solid smiley and stopping after that. Another note when trying for a girl is to avoid orgasm, as the extra fluid helps accommodate the boy’s sperm.

Shettles also believed men with lower sperm counts were more likely to produce girls, therefore, needed to ejaculate more frequently in the days prior to ovulation. Men with lower counts should abstain for 5 days and donate right before ovulation occurs if trying for a boy. In the donor world, you would have to ask your donor for a semen analysis, or if he already has a few children maybe you can gauge how good his count is by his success rate.

In my experience the Ai method is much harder to conceive girls, I have spoken to many prolific donors around the world some of these men have hundreds of children these men are also on sperm-friendly diets that increase count and motility. The trend is they all say they have more donor baby boys conceived via Ai. Speaking to Ni donors there appears to be a less noticeable trend. When you do your research online related sites are talking about the natural insemination method of trying and no one has considered sperm donation via at-home insemination. So it’s truly a unique outlook we have in here.

When sperm is done via Ai they’re weakened essentially as they’re exposed to air (Oxidative stress), light, different temperatures, outside air, being moved around in a container, outside world bacteria etc. The success rate of Ni and Ai are similar if the timing is done right on the verge of ovulation as the Ai sperm are still very much strong enough to swim the journey. It is over time though they are weakened so when an article from doctor google is saying try 3 days out you should be pushing it back a day and try 2 days out. If you are trying for a girl, you shouldn’t get a donation on your second day of a positive peak fertility test. Memo to Ai donors, if you are being asked for a donation 3 to 4 days before ovulation, you should be saying no, unless you like wasting your time then that is ok.

What I have noticed on a personal level is I have had higher success for girls in women with more fertility issues where they struggle to pinpoint when ovulation occurred eg. Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK) tests are not compatible for them. These women usually take longer to help fall pregnant, whereas when I help a highly fertile lady, who is able to narrow down ovulation within a few hours, I walk away thinking well that child will be a boy.  In fact, I am confident of picking the sex of the child depending on how the donation has panned out.

 Most couples that try for babies at home just go off an app and don’t use OPKs like people that require the service of a donor’s help, so, there is more balance of not specifically knowing timing. Meaning more of just a natural selection chance.

There is a small number of studies that claim the Shettles method has an 80% chance of predicting boys and 75% chance of predicting girls. If done correctly and thoroughly this also includes BBT, CM monitoring and OPKs.

Whelan Method

In contrast, there is the “Whelan method”, which as far as I am concerned, is nonsense and a little outdated, as her book and theories about sex selection came out in 1977.  She claims of a 68% success rate for a boy and 58% for a girl. However, her theory is the exact opposite of Shettles claiming more chance of girls right before ovulation. From my own personal experience, I can’t say I agree with this lady’s theory. I decided to mention it to mainly point out that these medical so-called professionals can have such opposite views and opinions that one of them has to be wrong despite opposing theories.

Your Biological Age

I have come across several studies that back up the theory that older parents have more chance of conceiving baby girls than boys and that every passing year a lady ages their chances decrease at 1.2% a year for having a boy. This may not seem like much at the time, however for example, a female starts ovulating at the age of 16, let’s say she is now 36, which is 24% loss over a 20-year period. An interesting claim is that two out of three children born to parents over 40 are girls.

The concept is that as both males and females become older their egg and sperm quality decreases with age. I have had some of the older donors tell me that their ejaculation volume sizes decreased with age. There is a couple of natural human evolution theories as to why older parents have girls later, trivial though as they suggest that girls are more capable to adapt living without parents as they’re more likely to have older male siblings around them if their parents were to die.

I can’t verify this data firsthand as my experience with 40+ ladies are minimal and there is not enough data alone to make a valid statement. The only thing I can confirm though is it’s much harder to help them conceive a baby in the first place and as a donor, I am still quite a few years off from turning 40 where I could use myself as a statistic. Although, I can say I have helped conceive more boys so far, however in the past year it has literally been 50/50 one for one – maybe I am starting to get old?

When I examine my data it only causes me more headaches. I think of all the donor-conceived children that are girls which have typically been to the more younger mothers and a lot of these girls were born when I first started being a donor. My experience and their experience of tracking ovulation weren’t that great back then vs the standards that I allow now, which points me back at shettles method, perhaps being a good barometer, in saying that my success rates weren’t anywhere near as good as they are now.

So, what do you do when you cannot use your own self as a Guinea pig for data? You go out and you find the oldest donor you can and hope they have good data and a decent pool to analyze from. Lucky for me I did not have to look far right in our back yard we have Sperm Donation Australia’s very own John Lindsay Mayger (Also featured in episode 5 of the Sperm Donation World podcast).

In 2002 Mr. Mayger’s world was torn upside down. He just went through a brutal divorce and it was then he decided to pursue a donor career comeback, which he had not done since 1977 (we are talking a 25-year long hiatus). He marched straight into a Sydney clinic to receive the news that at age  53, they were no longer interested in his sperm and told him bluntly he was too old.

Many would have accepted this fact and walked away but not our John. He chose to ignore doctors, politicians and bureaucrats’ advice and he made the firm stance to start donating outside of clinics, which was unheard of back in the day. He targeted a lesbian magazine called Lesbians on the Loose (LOTL) and posted in the classifieds. It was not long before John met 37-year-old Sharon and on their third month of trying, conceived a baby girl who was named Lillian.

John was back but this time he knew who he was donating to, unlike the clinics in the 70s where he had no idea how many children were conceived and how old the ladies were,nor the children’s names and it remains that way till this very day. John then went on to have 20 children in total between 2003 and 2017, His age range was 54 from the first conception to 69 for his last. I was able to analyze his data with G representing Girl and B representing Boy. He had children in this order GGBGGGGBBBBGGBBGGBGB. That’s a total of 11 girls and 9 boys, and to put that in percentage – 55% to 45%, which is fairly balanced. There is no clear pattern at analyzing John’s sex ratio alone that suggests his sperm is more prone to making female babies. I wanted to explore further the women’s ages and the sex of the child with John’s assistance. Unfortunately, after analyzing John’s data, he only successfully helped two women over the age of 35 and they both happened to be 37 and both had girls. The oldest lady he got pregnant with was a 42-year-old lady who was due to have a girl, sadly the baby had to be aborted at 20 weeks as she was diagnosed with Spina bifida and fluid on the brain. From that small sample of 3 women, all babies were female but this could just be highly coincidental from such a small pool of data.

With women under 30, John successfully helped 8 ladies conceive with a 50/50 sex ratio of 4 each. Over 30, he helped 12, with the majority being no older than 33 with 5 boys and 7 girls. I can’t see any clear evidence that supports any gender swaying based on age, the only thing it concludes from John’s statistics is that the women he helped over the age of 33 years old, a lot of them didn’t fall pregnant over his 14 years of donating.

Chinese Fertility Calender

I love the back story to its history; it is like a masterpiece movie script. Originating from Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911 AD), it is not known exactly how old it is as it was kept by royal eunuchs for the eyes of the Royal Family only. Towards the end of Qing reign the Eight Nation Alliance entered China and the chart was discovered and taken back to England by military forces and handed over to the King of England who had it translated into English and treasured it. It was not until 1972 that a Chinese scholar had a chance to put significant time and effort into studying it. He made copies of it and it was finally released into the public domain.

As you perhaps may of heard the Chinese fertility calendar supposedly can help you predict your baby’s sex. It claimed to have a 70% success rate, however these results don’t really have any solid tests and studies that back it up. It’s quite simple, you need to enter in two bits of data; the mother-to-be’s Chinese lunar age (which isn’t always the same age as your real one) and the lunar age / month of the conceiving date of the baby. So, if you’re going to be ovulating on a certain date it’s best to input that data ideally on a Chinese fertility calculator (less brain-work) and it will tell you what sex the child will be.

Now I have a couple of issues with this theory, I know both dates my 2 children were conceived and the mother’s lunar age etc. The first child’s information was correct, it was indeed a Girl. Entering in the 2nd sibling’s details she is meant to be a boy according to the calendar. So, a 50% success ratio I found, I then started thinking a little more in-depth thinking about this calendar, probably a bit more thought into it than the actual creators. The flaw I discovered was, what about twins? By the logic of the calendar, there should not be twins of different genders? In myth-busters, they would say this myth has been debunked but hey if it’s for a bit of fun don’t let it stop you checking it out, but I wouldn’t be skipping fertility cycles because of it.

Acupuncture and herbal tea

While back on the topic of China, each local city has different Chinese medicine businesses and acupuncture programs that they say can help sway for a specific sex. From memory, a lot of their herbal remedies claim for chances of a boy up to 85%. If you are desperately looking certain preferred sex you can do a local search in your local area of these such businesses.


Without a lot of scientific evidence to back this theory up, we will put it in the old wife’s tale category for the time being. It is rumored that a cup of coffee 20 minutes before a donation stimulates the sperm and gets them buzzing giving the Y-bearing tadpoles an advantage. If you are receiving a morning donation from your donor and you would like a boy, make sure he stops by the coffee shop on the way over.

Sexual Positions

For those doing Natural Insemination (Ni) there are unproven claims that sexual position can make a difference. Shallow forms of penetration such as Missionary create girls and deeper penetrative positions like doggy style or standing up assist in making boys. When I shared a gender swaying post in my Sperm Donation USA community a new up and coming donor suggested when he ejaculated deep, it correlated in a boy and the other time he climaxed three quarters inside and the result was a girl. I loved the man’s charisma on how determined his mind was set that this was the deciding factor on determining the sex of the baby, but I think he needs to get back to us once he has tried that method a few more times. I am not really sure personally if there is any merit in this theory in our communities, as a  lot of the conceptions are achieved with a syringe that isn’t as long as the average male penis and we have just as many baby boy’s if not slightly more.

Vagina Tampering

I was contemplating not adding this in because I think it becomes more of a contraceptive and hinders pregnancy chances, but it’s out there and I in no way endorse it and experts out there advise against it as it can interfere with the cervical mucus and create a hostile environment for the sperm. Anyhow the old wives’ tale is douching with water and vinegar can influence a girl because it can make the vaginal environment more acidic. Just promise me not to do this one, please.

Ancient Time theory

Gender swaying has been going on for thousands of centuries and one of the early theories proposed by Greek philosopher Anaxagoras back in 450 B.C was that the right testicle of man produced the male swimmers, while the left produced female sperm.   Such was the desire of gender swaying in those times that many men bound their left testicle before having sexual intercourse. While the French went one step further and removed the testicle completely. After reading this please don’t go amputating your donor’s testicle, it isn’t true.

In the 18th century, a less brutal theory was put out there – that a man should lie on the left side of the woman during intercourse to enhance the chances of male offspring. Oh, what a time it would have been to be alive in those times.

Women’s Diet and Vaginal pH levels

Many women in our communities hear stories “oh but we don’t control the sex of the child it’s up to the guy’s swimmers”. Well, that is not entirely true. As a woman, you can try and manipulate the vagina’s pH level through her dietary intake. A more alkaline vagina will help you conceive boys and will also help you fall pregnant quicker as sperm can swim more freely in alkaline conditions. The concept of making the vagina more acidic it is believed the weaker male sperm will be killed off allowing the stronger female swimmers to be triumphant in reaching the egg first. A normal Vaginal pH level is between 3.8 and 4.5 during non-fertile times so the more alkaline level you can reach the chances of a boy increases. Keep an eye out within the community for pH tester to be included in a kit soon, and during peak ovulation, you will be hoping for an acidic level of 4.0 to 4.6 for a girl and 7.5 to 9.0 for a boy

If you have your heart set on a baby girl, calcium and magnesium supplements in the months leading up to conception, as well as natural dairy foods, are good for this. Ice-cream, yoghurt, cream, cheese, and custard all may help towards the cause. Consume fish as your meat of choice alongside vegetables, rice and corn. Fruits, particularly of berry variety, such as cranberries and blue berries and also drinking milk, up to 3 large glasses a day can also help. As for snacks, you are in for a treat with lollies and chocolate. In fact I am quite sure my ex-wife conceived our two children on candy alone..

Alternatively, if you are trying for boy you should avoid frequently eating food off the girl list. Some studies indicate a high calorie/higher energy intake type diet favours conceiving boys and that starts with consuming breakfast every morning with cereal. A study done in the UK found that 59% of women that ate breakfast cereal daily conceived boys. It is not known if cereal was the deciding factor or whether or not assisted in a higher calorie intake as it was found that women that had girls generally had an average of 180 fewer calories and less potassium than mothers that gave birth to boys. In the animal kingdom it has been documented that well-fed mothers are more likely to produce male offspring as opposed malnourished mothers that favoured female births. Maybe this might have some merit. Other dietary intakes that help assist with boys are consuming Potassium, B12, Vitamin D supplement or alternatively foods such as bacon, bananas, breads, olives, pastries, potatoes, processed meats, shrimp, salmon, and red meat. Drink of choice should be plenty of green tea, tomato juice and water.

Men’s diet and Semen pH level

Some of us believe that some men produce a higher amount of one specific gender of swimmers over the other while science still believes they are created about 50/50. However, a male’s diet can affect his semen pH level, so if your donor is on high alkaline-friendly diet it can help shield some resistance against a woman’s acidic vagina. Just like the women’s diet, men should follow it Calcium/Magnesium for girls and Potassium alkaline diet for boys. It has been quite common for women to provide their donors with gender swaying supplements. However, a vagina’s overall pH level would have more swaying power over a male’s semen pH level.

Hormone levels

The body produces numerous amounts of hormones and when it comes to gender swaying Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone are the big three.

If trying for a girl the recipient needs to have low estrogen, low testosterone, and high progesterone. The donor, low testosterone and high estrogen. To help raise progesterone the use of progesterone cream is great and detoxifies the liver which helps metabolize hormones for balanced ratios of estrogen/progesterone.

.If trying for a boy, the recipient needs to have high estrogen, high testosterone, and low progesterone (prior ovulation). The donor needs to have low testosterone and low estrogen.


There are theories that suggest exposing yourself to negative ions will increase your chance to conceive a girl and that positive ions increase your chance for a boy.

Vitamins/Supplements to take for Baby Girls

Some of these vitamins and supplements may able to help sway genders ensure you read the instruction labels and see your local health specialists if any doubts and this information on products is dedicated towards North American Readers only.

Nature’s Answer, Plant Based Cal-Mag
Quantity: 120 Vegetarian Capsules

500mg Calcium/250mg Magnesium produced from plant-based algae off the shores of Iceland in a natural form so easy for body absorption. A good amount of Calcium Magnesium in the cervical mucous is beneficial for swaying for a girl.   Prof. Wilfried Feichtinger in his book “Die Wunschkinddiät” (“The Designer Baby Diet”) Heavily endorses Calcium and Magnesium as a big gender swayer towards baby girls.  

Take from start of new cycle to ovulation.
Good for Men can take as well to help in gender swaying.  
Nature’s Bounty, Acidophilus Probiotic
Quantity: 120 Tablets (Vegetarian)

Thia probiotic effects are said to lower your pH level meaning making the vagina more acidic therefore less sperm-friendly to male swimmers.

Take from start of new cycle to ovulation.
Good for Men can take as well to help in gender swaying.      
Organic Excellence, Feminine Balance Therapy, Progesterone Cream, Fragrance Free

The objective to help regulate menstrual cycles, Lengthening Luteal phase improving fertility, eases the menopausal transition and PMS, promote sleep and feeling calm, speed up metabolism and generates a general sense of well-being.

Take as per instructions.

Nature’s Way, Vitamin B-6
Quantity: 100 Capsules

Lengthens the Luteal Phase and raises progesterone Take throughout cycle, but once pregnant slowly reduce intake and halt within a couple of weeks.  
Nature’s Plus, Ultra Cranberry
Quantity: 60 Tablets

Lowers your pH level more tolerant for female swimmers, Take from start of new cycle up until ovulation, don’t continue afterwards ovulation as it may cause miscarriage.  

Take from start of new cycle to ovulation.
Men can take as well to help in gender swaying.    

21st Century, Saw Palmetto
Quantity: 200 Capsules (Vegetarian)  

Lowers Testosterone levels one of the 3 hormone levels you want to reduce to sway for girls

Do not take with Clomid and Vitex.
Take from start of new cycle to ovulation.  
Now Foods, Licorice Root
Quantity: 100 Capsules (Vegetarian)

Not for female consumption only works for the men by lowering testosterone and raising estrogen.
Only take from start of recipients new cycle to ovulation then take a 2 week break.

For Baby Boys

Don’t recommend taking all of these vitamins and supplements at once for example some products increase cervical mucous quality and quantity, rather than take them all to see which ones work and make improvements you.

Nordic Naturals, Omega Woman with Evening Primrose Oil Quantity: 120 Soft Gels  

Increases Cervical Mucous and Egg White Cervical Mucous

Take Daily throughout cycle.
Fairhaven Health, FertileCM for Women
Quantity: 90 Capsules  

Increases Egg white Cervical Mucous (EWCM), More Alkaline Cervical Mucous and increases Testosterone. Includes L-Arginine.  

Take from start of new cycle to ovulation to save money or throughout cycle.  
Crystal Star, Women’s Best Friend
Quantity: 60 Veggie Caps

Reduces excess estrogen Take daily for 2 cycles then 1 cycle break before resuming.  
Enzymatic Therapy, Air-Power, Guaifenesin Expectorant Quantity: 100 Tablets

Thins Cervical Mucous.

Take from last day of period until 3 days after ovulation    
Nature’s Way, Potassium
Quantity: 100 Capsules

Adds Potassium to the Cervical Mucous and creates a more alkaline environment.

Take from start of new cycle to ovulation.
For both men and women.   
 Alka-Seltzer, Gold
Quantity: 36 Effervescent Tablets

Raises pH and Potassium.

Take from start of new cycle to ovulation.
For both men and women.    
 21st Century, Flaxseed Oil
Quantity: 60 Softgels

Increases CM.

Take daily throughout cycle.  
California Gold Nutrition, Vitamin D3
Quantity: 90 Fish Gelatin Softgels

Increases Fertility and pH levels

Take Daily throughout cycle.
For both men and women.    
 Lake Avenue Nutrition, Vitamin E
Quantity: 120 Veggie Softgels

Improves egg quality and increases egg white cervical mucous.

Take Daily throughout the cycle.
For both men and women.
 Lake Avenue Nutrition, Methyl Folate
Quantity: 120 Veggie Capsules

Important for influencing boys and preventing miscarriage.

Take daily until 12th week of pregnancy, Seek doctors advice.    
 Now Foods, American Ginseng
Quantity: 100 Veg Capsules

Raises Testosterone.

For both men and women.
 21st Century, B-12
Quantity: 110 Tablets

Assists with balancing folate.
Take per instructions recommendation.  
 Natural Factors, WomenSense, SexEssentials, Healthy Libido Formula
Quantity: 90 Vegetarian Capsules

Raises Estrogen and Testosterone,

Take per bottles instructions.  
Yogi Tea, Green Tea Super Antioxidant Quantity: 16 Tea Bags

Improves Cervical Mucous and overall fertility.

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