iherb.com  is the biggest online supplements store in the world, and because of its dominance they’re able to sell products cheaper than you can purchase it from your local store, supplements can be costly especially when there are few essentials to buy. I have been purchasing the majority of my supplements through iherb for the last couple of years and I spent the last couple of months trying to urge them to affiliate with Sperm Donation USA.

My own personal experience with fertility supplements, I went from being an average donor with an average success rate to one of the most highly fertile donors to grace these shores. With over 18,000 members within our community, I have spoken to many donors and recipients, I have watched men’s semen analysis increase dramatically and I have seen women in their 30s and beyond get quick pregnancy results. Anyone who knows me knows I only push products I believe in, that could potentially help and that I want everyone to give it their best chance of having a healthy baby too. Not only will these supplements increase chances of success rates, they will also give your baby the best chance of being born smart, fully functional, good immune system, and disability-free.

In my observations donors and recipients who are both taking supplements, the miscarriage rate tends to be way down on national averages. This is important for me I want healthy babies to be born from this group, I love positive vibes that is why I created this community, to begin with.

If you have a product that you think I have missed that is beneficial to our community send me a private message and we shall discuss its inclusion.

Prenatal vitamins

If you’re on this page and you’re thinking about pregnancy you should be purchasing a prenatal straight away it’s helpful to be taking them prior to trying in the lead-up months from your first insemination. I prefer a prenatal that is made from whole foods rather than synthetic versions. Your body is better at absorbing more natural versions of various ingredients, so nothing beats food form.

When most people think of prenatal we think of Folic acid as the key ingredient that is true, most people however do have trouble processing folic acid, so it can build up in the body and contribute to increased miscarriages. Always best to take it in the Folate form gives you all the same benefits and decreases the chances of neural tube defects without side effects.

The most well-marketed product is Elevit, I personally don’t recommend it for the above reasons and there is a cheaper alternative listed below.

Sperm Donation World recommends

Garden of Life, Vitamin Code, Raw Prenatal
Quantity: 1- or 2-month supply (pending bottle size)

This, in my opinion, is the best prenatal on the market gets all its ingredients from 23 organically grown fruits and veggies. It is in raw form which is the best form when ingredients are cooked they lose their potency. Labdoor.com who conducts tests on purity also rates this the number 1 prenatal product. Because it is made from pure ingredients and non-chemicals side effects are minimal and easy on the stomach. It contains ginger which minimizes morning sickness relief but does have that gingery taste in the tablet.

The low-cost alternative recommendation

Deva, Vegan, Prenatal, Multivitamin & Mineral
Quantity: 3 MONTH supply per bottle

A vegan-friendly prenatal that is the best value for money product on the market if you’re on a low budget this is the prenatal for you. It also contains inositol which works hand in hand with folic acid which only prevents 70% chances of neural tube defects, so this added ingredient helps that little bit extra. Easy on the stomach because of natural ingredients. The only negative is the calcium amount is a little on the lower side, so you may need to purchase some calcium supplements on the side.  

DHA and Omega 3 supplements

After prenatal vitamins these are the most important supplement to take, so important that some prenatal brands include dosages of Docosahexaenoic (DHA) and Omega 3 within it, although I recommend larger dosages, hence why I am recommending purchasing them individually.

Not only is DHA and Omega 3 essential for the baby’s health also supports your own, we often don’t get enough of these supplements in our diets. It has been proven to assist in giving the baby a good healthy weight, reduces pre-term birth, helps facilitate a good healthy immune system, as well as assists a good health brain, eye and nervous system development.

Sperm Donation World recommends

Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega, Lemon, 1000 mg
Quantity: 1- or 3-month supply (pending bottle size)

Every batch manufactured is tested by a third-party lab that checks for toxins and heavy metals this ensures that Nordic Naturals product is the most purist on the market no wonder it is the official Omega-3 product by the American Pregnancy Association. It is infused with lemon and has no fishy aftertaste that some alternatives on the market have present.

The low-cost alternative recommendation

Now Foods, Ultra Omega-3, 500 EPA/250 DHA
Quantity: 3 to 6 months (pending bottle size)

One of the most cost-effective reputable brands on the market for this type of supplement, lower levels found compared to Nordic Naturals, so there is the option of taking the pill twice daily.


A probiotic is a help bacterium that promotes overall health. For those trying to fall pregnant a probiotic containing Lactobacilli plays a vital role as it lowers the vaginas acidity levels which allows the sperm to enter an environment that is less hostile and therefore not kill them.

The probiotics that I recommend are also good during pregnancy as some out there aren’t.  Reasons for taking it during pregnancy include, less likely to become ill, reduces constipation, morning sickness and also helps avoid gestational diabetes, urinary tract infections, preeclampsia, yeast infections and preterm birth.

Sperm Donation World recommends

Culturelle, Digestive Health, Daily Probiotic
Quantity: 50 days

This is the most suitable probiotic on the market in my opinion for those wanting to fall pregnant and while pregnant. It contains the most proven effective strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG) for optimal feminine health.  


While antioxidants play a huge role in men’s sperm health there is a less of a connection link to female fertility increase, the products listed below do have their perks. Taking antioxidants before and during pregnancy plays a crucial role in preventing the development of glucose intolerance, future obesity and diabetes in the children. Therefore, I decided to include antioxidants as I believe strongly in the children’s future health.

Doctor’s Best, Vitamin C, Featuring Quali-C, 1000 mg
Quantity: 4 months
Good value for money and the most purist vitamin c supplement on the market. Vitamin C increases fertility and helps restore balance for estrogen and progesterone levels. Some clinical trials have shown 50% increases of falling pregnant once appropriate levels of this vitamin are taken.
Nature Made, Vitamin E, 400 IU
Quantity: 100 days
Rated number 1 vitamin E supplement on the market by many reviewers and lab testing companies, also very cheap. Vitamin E improves the quality of cervical mucus, therefore, increasing sperm survival and can help prolong the life of sperm making them more viable for a couple of days, so good if insemination timing isn’t spot on or if you’re wanting to conceive a girl based on the shettles theory.
Garden of Life, Raw CoQ10, 200 mg
Quantity: 2 months
Most doctors recommend intake levels of CoQ10 between 200 and 300mg although it’s not exactly known for sure. A basic rule is what is good for the heart is good for fertility. CoQ10 represents cell energy if levels within the body are low makes it harder to sustain a pregnancy it is strongly linked to an increase egg quality and the integrity of the uterus. I highly recommend CoQ10 as one of the essentials.

Natural Factors, Ubiquinol, QH Active CoQ10, 100 mg,

Quantity: 4 months
While expensive purchase got to remember is 4 months’ worth. For those who aren’t familiar with Ubiquinol, it is CoQ10 in it’s the purest form, normally the body will convert CoQ10 to Ubiquinol but as you start to age mid30s your body slows down being able to convert it by the time you’re 40 CoQ10 by itself wouldn’t be beneficial for you at all.     

Improving Cervical Mucous

Many women experience dryness or acidity conditions that makes the area really hostile to sperm and can kill them instantly, lucky they’re a lot of good products out there that can fix this, and it doesn’t require Sperm friendly lube in fact lube should be your last resort, nothing beats a good natural CM. Your CM really does play a crucial role in falling pregnant so don’t underestimate the importance of it, so before buying the lube give some of these supplements a try.

Fairhaven Health, FertileCM
Quantity: 1 month

This product is exceptional as it is designed to increase quantity and quality of your CM. I also wanted to promote a supplement that contains ingredient L-Arginine which is crucial as it increases nitric oxide levels which also help prevent uterine fertility issues such of likes as fibroids, endometriosis and PCOS inflammation. If you experience dryness or your CM isn’t the right consistency this is the supplement for you, but I highly recommend it to anyone.  
Nature’s Bounty, Garlic, 2,000 mg
Quantity: 2 months

Garlic is very good for your overall immunity it helps prevent sickness, in regard to fertility it improves CM quantity and consistency, it is very affordable.  
Solgar, Evening Primrose Oil, 1300 mg
Quantity: 1 month

Primrose is not only renowned for increasing CM but helps in multiple ways for fertility, helps restores hormone balance and helps with a good uterine lining. It is also rich in Omega 6, a ingredient that hasn’t been listed in other supplements I have recommended on this page.

Other solid recommendations

We have covered Prenatal, DHA and Omega 3, Probiotics, and Cervical Mucous enhancers, yet there is still so many more fertility enhancers out there listed below are various other products, just as critical in their own little way.

Now Foods, Maca, Raw, 750 mg
Quantity: 3 months

Maca is labeled “Superfood” and is found growing high up in the Andes of Peru. Females benefit from Maca because of its ability to restore hormone balance it is believed to get estrogen/progesterone balances optimal for achieving pregnancy. Also, an increase in libido is associated with this supplement.

Carlson Labs, Vitamin D3, 2,000 IU (50 mcg)
Quantity: 1 year

Almost enough Vitamin D to last the whole year, Carlson has the purest form of Vitamin D on the market. I first came across the significance of Vitamin D when talking to UK donors and how their success rates during the Winter over there was largely due a vitamin D deficiency, and how some of the professional donors over there’s insist that their recipients take this supplement. Upon doing further research many of us lack in Vitamin D, which we normally our skin absorbs from sunlight among various foods. It is also good for women endometriosis and PCOS.
Fairhaven Health, FertiliTea for Women
Quantity: 2-week supply

Tea drinkers rejoice this has some of the best herbal fertility ingredients included and comes across in a delicious mint flavor. All the big names included Chasteberry (Vitex), Green Tea, Ladies Mantle, Nettle Leaf, and Red Raspberry Leaf. Do note it is only recommended prior to pregnancy and not during.    
Nature’s Way, Vitamin B-6, 50 mg
Quantity: 100 days

This cost-effective vitamin increases fertility because it helps balance out hormone levels. It is good for women affected by Luteal phase defect, so they can sustain a pregnancy and help avoid miscarriage.  
American Health, Chelated Calcium Magnesium Zinc
Quantity: 8 months

Exceptional value for money, if you bought the low cost prenatal this is essential as this helps you reach the required calcium RDI, I also picked the Magnesium as this goes hand in hand with the vitamin D, and zinc while more widely linked to male fertility it does have its benefits for females in egg quality and preventing chromosome defects causing potential miscarriage or disability.
Life Extension, Aspirin, Low Dose
Quantity: 10-month supply

A low dose of 1 pill a day is recommended for all women trying to get pregnant according to multiple studies. An aspirin has been proven to increase blood flow to the pelvic region and increases endometrial thickness and also helps women who have previously suffered a miscarriage with a future successful pregnancy.  
Healthy Origins, Organic Spirulina, 500 mg
Quantity: 1 month to 12 month (pending bottle size)

I bought this first in powder form for my smoothies and oh boy wasn’t it unbearable so straight of the bat I say tablet form is the best to go. Spirulina is analgae plant and used in Chinese medicine it is rich in multiple fertility linked ingredients, and from expert opinions, it is highly regarded for women in their late 30s/40s trying to get pregnant. This product won’t break the bank either so very affordable option for the amount of goodness within it.
Now Foods, Bromelain, 500 mg
Quantity: 4-month supply

Bromelain is literally the core ingredient in pineapples. IVF studies have found that increases the chance of implantation quite substantially. It also helps with ovulation.  
Now Foods, Royal Jelly, 300 mg
Quantity: 3-month supply

An absolute superfood, recommended by most fertility specialists, contains an astonishing amount of Amino Acids 29 to be exact. A queen bee lives on Royal Jelly a natural bee extract that allows the Queen Bee to lay 2000 eggs per day, so it’s based on fertility as that’s the Queen Bees sole purpose, so there are no surprises on why it’s so effective. This is a must have as it supports hormone balance and egg quality. Warning if you experience bee-related allergies read the warnings or consult your doctor.  
Now Foods, Melatonin, 3 mg
Quantity: 6 month supply
Melatonin acts as an antioxidant in the ovaries, that helps protect the eggs from free radicals and the prevention of cellular damage allowing the eggs to mature to a good quality which is essential in fertilisation.

Twins anyone?

While some people dread the thought of multiples some people like to do the hard yards early and have increase their odds of having children there is a few products out there that are linked to the increase of having twins, which normally involves increasing chances of dropping a couple of eggs.

Bob’s Red Mill Cassava Flour

Known as a superfood located in Brazil so you just automatically know it contains special powers! Research has been conducted that has proven that cassava contains chemicals that can make a woman release more than one egg per cycle.  
Nature’s Way, Wild Yam Root, 425 mg
Quantity: 3-month supply

Originates from Nigeria and eaten by local tribes, itocontains chemical phytoestrogens and progesterone which are responsible for hyper-ovulation.