Around the world many of our recipients have visited fertility specialists and had been given advice on which vitamins and supplements to take to improve their fertility, we have seen first hand the benefits these recommended products have achieved. The Sperm Donation World community makes it easy for you by compiling the appropriate lists with details on what each vitamin intended purpose to cater to your fertility needs.

As for donor sperm quality improvements I have tested each product myself that I have listed over the years and I have now reached a sperm count of well over a billion. So I have seen firsthand how essential vitamins and supplements, despite the propaganda that exists.

Health supplements are essential to your fertility needs, we live in a world where food is mass-produced, even all your healthy foods contain fewer nutrients in them now than they did 20 years ago. That is why vitamins are so essential they’re able to top us up to the levels we use to be on, there is no surprise why fertility is plummeting. In the video below I talk about how I have improved my own fertility by tweaking the past couple of years and the effect supplements had on myself

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