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In Australia many of our recipients have visited fertility specialist and had been given advice on which vitamins and supplements to take to improve their fertility, we have seen first hand the benefits these reccommended products have achieved. The Sperm Donation World community makes it easy for you by compiling the appropiate lists with details on what each vitamin intended purpose to cater for your fertilty needs.

As for donor sperm quality improvements I have tested each product myself that I have listed over the years and I have now reach a sperm count well over a billion. So I have seen first hand how essential vitamins and supplements, despite the properganda that exists.

Health supplements are essential to  your fertility needs, we live in a world where food is mass produced, even all your healthy foods contain less nutrients in them now than they did 20 years ago. That is why vitamins are so essential they’re able to top us up to the levels we use to be on, there is no surprise why fertility is plummeting. The video below I talk about how I have improved my own fertility by tweaking the past couple of years and the effect supplements had on myself

– Regards Adam Hooper

Amitamin is a German based company that focuses on using top quality ingredients in their fertility products, which they also describe as Vegan friendly. They focus on key Amino Acids as qouted on their website
“Amino acids are the building blocks of life. The body builds muscle, protein, skin, hair and other tissue from amino acids. They are also essential for almost all metabolic processes in our body. Enzymes and neurotransmitters are proteins built of amino acids, which control our circulation, hormone levels and nervous system.”

Click here to visit the Sperm Donation World Amitamin page to get more information on the selected fertility products for men, women and those that suffer PCOS.

Iherb is where Adam Hooper personally buys his own vitamins, supplements and smoothie powders for all his fertility needs. Buying from Health stores or your local supermarket is costly the markup just isn’t worth the added cost. Iherb is by far the cheapest place you will be able to purchase, it’s because they control the market of over 1200 brands that they’re able to undercut all rival competitors. This allows you to get more vitamins at better value. iherb has quick delivery and often orders arrive within the week.

Click links below for fertility supplements you’re looking for.

Male Fertility Supplements

Female Fertility Supplements

Females with PCOS Supplements

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