The Soft Disc formally known as the Soft Cup is a North American produc, It was designed as a Menstrual cup but thousands of babies have been conceived via this product as tool used for becoming pregnant.

Since Sperm Donation World introduced the Soft Cup back in 2018 for sale with the insemination kits Sperm Donation World community has seen a rise in success rates.

It is the perfect alternative to using a syringe if on the go, sometimes people don’t have time, due to logistic and practicality issues to inseminate in a more relaxed environment. A classic example would be an in car insemination where you don’t have a bed or location to do it in comfort, you can quickly insert It and you can keep driving or going about your business without it leaking out.

Adam Hooper demonstrates the Soft Cup

Some women also prefer to still use a syringe to squirt the semen in as close to the cervical wall and then insert a soft cup afterwards to prevent leakage. Some women experience different difficulties so it’s best to see what works for you.

You can leave the Soft Cup in for up to 12 hours as the manufacturer recommends, It is said that most of the sperm will reach the cervix within 10 minutes, however if you can’t feel it in and it isn’t being a nuance most women leave it in for several hours, a lot of women have even said to me that they almost forget it is still inserted. I’ll let you decide on that as I obviously can’t comment on personal experience.

Compared to other alternatives on the market the product doesn’t consist of Latex or Silicone and is free of BPA. It doesn’t cause irritation or dryness and isn’t linked to Toxic shock syndrome.

Other products such as Diva Cup aren’t designed for conception not only made with a bigger dip in the cup where essentially the sperm is more likely just to sit there in the cup rather than reach the cervical wall. While there have been recorded pregnancies with other cups the success ratio is much lower and when you’re trying to conceive, you’re wanting to give yourself the best chance as possible. 

The problem with reusable cups is if not cleaned properly they aren’t sterile and if the sperm encounters this sort of environment it can be sabotaging conception chances.  That is why it’s best use them for single use and dispose of them afterwards.

Menstural Cup Vs Soft Cup Debate finally ends here!

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Ziggy Cup

If you insist on using a reusable cup, and confident you can sterilize it properly without leaving it soapy etc, the only real alternative option on the market. Is the Ziggy Cup as it has a low dip in the cup that keeps it close to the cervix. However it is rubbery and can’t be pressed against the cervical wall like a soft cup can.

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