On January 13th 2021 Sperm Donation Africa was born. After a recent media influx for our Sperm Donation USA community. It didn’t take look for the news to spread to Africa where Kyle Gordy spoke to several radio stations throughout Africa.

While Sperm Donation Africa is in it’s very early days it has showed a lot of progress and there is moderator roles available for someone with the right value and morals to take the reins and steer the ship for the African people!

Meet the Team:

Adam Hooper
About:Adam started his Sperm Donation brand name in 2015, and with his high standards and screening process established a community in Australia that is now more popular than clinics. Receiving donations from online donors is now the number 1 preferred method for recipients in Australia and he wishes to replicate that for the people of USA, he believes that knowing who your donor is so much more psychological beneficial for the child and believes fresh sperm over frozen is far better for the donor-conceived persons long term health.  

He has created his own podcast and is always open to interviewing more American donors and recipients so they can share their American dream.  Always open to media interviews and sharing his thoughts, knowledge, and vision.  
Adam has travelled all-across his own country and donated overseas and is open to travelling all over the world for people that he connects with and wishes to use his services.   He looks forward to touring USA one day and meeting some great people, he loves the American food, the sporting culture and the history and traditions. Australia and USA are number 1 allies and we take this partnership into Sperm Donation.
Social Media:Instagram: @Spermdonationworld
Twitter:  @adamhooperdonor
Facebook: Adam Hooper  
Youtube channel: Sperm Donation World
Donating Methods:Open to Discussion (Cannot ship internationally) Can travel.
John Cap
About:John began donating in 2015 and is a straight shooter when it comes to admining when he isn’t donating he loves white water rafting and kayaking.

John also loves to travel and he has been to Mexico and has two donor children there. one via IUI in a clinic and the other was AI.

In his college days, he did geology and anthropology and does engineering work. he has green eyes, funnily enough, most kids result in having blue eyes.

He also has Rhesus negative blood and CMV negative. Which makes him a perfect match for a RH negative recipients.
Social Media:Instagram: @John.cap.45
Facebook: John Cap 
Donating Methods:All methods, can travel