Artificial Insemination

In recent years this method has become more and more popular as people explore creating their families in unconventional ways from previous generations prior. In the Sperm Donation World communities, it is the most sought out method. This can come down to body comfort levels, legalities, sexual orientation, lower level of std transmission, past life history situations. There are many reasons why people may elect to use this method and their choice to conceiving.

With the guides and kits available through Sperm Donation World, it has never been easier to carry out this method and the success rates have increased with the information around this.


A lot of countries/states around laws around the world consider home insemination to be covered by the same laws that govern their fertility clinic’s artificial insemination procedures, making it less of a headache about worrying about potential legal issues.

If you are unsure what the legalities are in your Country/State please seek lawyers’ advice. However, you elect to carry out artificial insemination be sure that the donor and recipient are happy with your arrangement, a donor usually doesn’t go on a birth certificate in most places. Some states might have their own registrars have these talks with the other party so there is clear transparency.

Keeping Evidence

By keeping all your chat logs, by taking photos of the donation that are time-stamped all this can be valid proof that the method was in fact Artificial Insemination.

Success Rates

There has never been a scientific study comparing Ai to Ni, and there never will be an official study done as there is simply no commercial interest for one such company to invest the money into that type of study. In saying that we have our own community to analyze and do our own studies on average cycles it takes for success rate. There are many factors to consider in working this out, there are bound to be more success rates overall achieved with Ai because a lot more people do this method in this community, also there is a person’s biological age to consider. It can be quite tricky to work out. The best formula is to consider similar age ranges of the recipients, the donor’s own sperm count.

In my experience, one of the best ways of figuring this out is the evaluate serial donors which are men with a large study pool, while men’s sperm counts always fluctuate one individual’s count is more steady than say a sample size range of 10 men. With serial donors, it’s all about the number of children they can sire, therefore most serial donors donate both methods. I found getting to know these men allowed for more honest conversations rather than just basic sales pitches to females saying Ni works better just to have sex. These men have no intention of having sex with me. The general consensus was that Ni was more successful overall but the question is why?

Reasons why success rates may be lower

  • Sperm once exposed to Air, light, Seismic shock of handling and syringing, appear to shorten the longevity window, so if you’re receiving the donation not quite at peak, there appears less likely of the sperm being viable enough to penetrate the egg, that is why the Ai guide it emphasizes on precise timing. Within the Sperm Donation World community, there has been many cases of Ni being more successful in non peak windows, so Ni may be more beneficial if you experience PCOS or have trouble pinpointing your ovulation.
  • Operator error hitting the cervix with the syringe can be difficult, while a penis may curve to the shape of the woman’s vaginal canal to lead directly to a cervix a syringe doesn’t have that same sort of flex. The ability to directly deposit on the cervix with non-liquefied sperm allowing it to stick to the cervical wall and minimizing the exposure of vaginas acidic environment. This is why an L.E.D speculum was introduced in some of the ai kits to minimize this operator error and allow precision.
  • Double handling of Sperm leads to wastage, all starts from the ejaculate, does the donor get all the sample in the cup? From that point then when extracting the semen from the cup into the syringe, not of all of it gets captured and then when using the syringe some remains stuck in the syringe. If your donor has a good sperm count and a good volume, this shouldn’t effect the outcome too much, if your donor has a low count and a low volume well every bit counts.

If you do your research, get your timing right, ensure your fertility is up to scratch, follow the guides a first-time success using the Ai method can happen up to about 20% of the time on average, it’s definitely not a method to be dismissed and has a lot of success within our community.

What does it mean when a Donor says they have tried both methods and Ai hasn’t worked for them?

The first thought that usually comes to mind is it’s a sales pitch to dismiss Ai as an effective method. However there may be more underlining issues towards this, Ai relies on perfect peak timing in most successful conceptions, so if a donor and recipient aren’t knowledgeable and donations are happening to say on flashy smiley then of course it is most likely destined to fail.

Often a recipients lack of knowledge in knowing her peak ovulation or asking for donations, not on peak leads to a donor giving up on the ai method, that is why it is so important for donors to insist on following the ai guide and recipients to buy a kit to ensure best pregnancy chances so new donors don’t give up on the Ai method.

However, the most common scenario when a donor gives you this type of spill it pretty much translated to “My sperm count isn’t great” Donors sitting on the borderline count and questionable motility can’t afford for their sperm to be weakened any more than what it is and their only realistic chance of helping you successfully without wasting several tries maybe through this method. When a donor says this to you I wouldn’t be selecting them until they go out and get a semen analysis.

How to make Artificial Insemination a smooth experience…

There can be awkward moments even with Ai, a lot of this comes down to not thinking or discussing logistics like Ni it’s important for all parties to be comfortable below are two forms 1 to be filled out by the recipient and the other to be filled out by the donor this way you both can be respectful and understanding of what each other is expecting.

Artificial Insemination Recipients Logistical Form

Artificial Insemination Donors Logistical Form

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