General Questions

Fertility Questions

eg. Straight away, after christmas, after a wedding etc.
For logistical reasons your donor should be aware of your cycle lengths so he doesn't double book if he is helping someone else and also so he can plan his life around your predicted schedule.
Conditions such as PCOS could mean irregular cycle length meaning more constant montoring of ovuatlion is required and more level of keeping your donor updated with current status.
Google has alot of misinformation and alot about conception based on Natural Insemination, Artificial Insemination however is more reliant on precise timing.
Ai is a really cost effective way of having a child, the least you can do is be fully equipped with the correct and most effective tools to do the job in the most comfortable manner. Let your donor know that you're committed to maxmising your chances.
A healthy diet and taking vitamins shows that you're dedicated to having a healthy baby and demonstrates to the donor you're doing everything you can to give yourself the best chance of swift conception
Regardless of non-sexual contact method for fertility reasons it's important to get checked prior to trying.

Donating Logistics

We all have different comfort levels in places that we would accept a donation in.
Travel to meet the donor somewhere collect the donation and take it somewhere else to inseminate
Can you take time off work? What hours are you unavailable? Shift work?
e.g. housemates, parents, children, etc
e.g. shower beforehand required, etc
eg, Fuel money, parking ticket tarriffs, hotel accomodation
In most cases a donor will donate and leave for the recipient(s) to do their thing or sometimes a donor might or can do back to back donations.


It is common courtesy to inform the donor asap if his services for next cycle are no longer required, or if he needs to be prepared to try again for upcoming cycle giving him maximum notice.
A good donor doesn't donate to anticipated dates he donates to positive results, by sending photos of your progress a donor can donate at the most appropiate timing.
When trying to conceive you're essentially a team working towards this goal, it's only fair that you share the highs and the lows as they're taking the time to help you the least you can do is have the courtesy to update them.
People can be backup donors for a variety of reasons, they may live a longer distance away, they may work away, or perhaps they just hadn't spoken to you first.