In the Sperm Donation World online communities, there is a donor list to scroll through and private message from, however this is only a voluntarily list to be on and not all donors elect to be on it. It is no secret that recipients outweigh the number of donors and that many donors don’t wish to be inundated by every single member that joins as it becomes very time consuming for them and they can only help so many people at any one time. There are many picky donors (and recipients for that matter) that lurk on the page waiting for that ideal post to pop up that intrigues them into potentially reaching out. Ultimately the more thorough your post is the more responses you’re going to receive therefore giving you the most amount options in picking your potential ideal match.

Mandatory Post Requirements

In our communities there are only 2 mandatory post requirements they’re.

These 2 mandatory requirements should be listed at the top of your post for several tactical reasons. Firstly, many people get into the groove writing paragraphs upon paragraphs all about themselves, then miss out one of those details all for that post not to be accepted. Secondly it’s courtesy a person reading your post shouldn’t have to read a long winded post that goes for 5 minutes, just to find out you don’t apply to them because of location etc. So correct format is Location…. Tick! Methods….. Tick! Now let’s read about you!

Short but Sweet Posts

Because there are only 2 mandatory requirements you can technically write a short post, but you still must ensure that it is sweet and by that, I mean Manners. A please and Thankyou doesn’t go astray.

An Example of a short but sweet post would be as follows.

“Hello potential donors, I am located in Beverly Hills, California and I am open to discussing methods. Thankyou.”

Something as simple and nice as a greeting, a please or thankyou helps sets the mood, and helps make the post look sincere. You don’t want to come across as if you’re barking orders, or being seen as entitled it simply isn’t appealing or enticing for anyone to want to reach out and respond to your post and for the community as a whole it simply isn’t a great look.

Some people have the idea of wanting to be private, and that they will share more details in private message, the problem with that theory is if you get no one responding to your post you then have no one to share that info with. Short but sweet posts, while accepted are not great or ideal they signify a lack of effort, that perhaps a baby does not mean as much to you as the next person who has posted below. The Facebook like button function is a good measuring tool on how good a post might be, and short but sweet posts seem to lack the same amount of likes as a well thought out post does.

Serial donors prefer short but sweet posts, because they’re more likely happy to donate to you regardless.

Adding content to your post

Although short but sweet posts come across as effortless, most of the time they are due to not knowing what to write in a post, being flustered, overwhelmed, paranoid about coming across corny. Hopefully, these suggestions will help add fulfilling content to your post that makes your post to irresistible for them to turn their back on.  Although this guide is written as if it perhaps you’re a recipient you can make the modifications to suit for donors.

Things to Avoid in Posts

Once your post has been accepted

Facebook has to deal with lots of spam from spam accounts, so they have set up a message request folder, a lot of the messages will be found there, so be sure to check it. Many of you will not know about it! Remember the group is what you make it if you feel someone ignores your post requests and contacts you feel free to be firm with them and also report them to the admin, screenshots are great for painting a clear story. We want to keep the standards high and have good people in the community that respects everyone’s posts. If a person is not respecting you Facebook has this awesome thing called the block feature.

If your method is Ai you may want to get your order in for the relevant kit that suits you if you haven’t already. Many have left it to the very last minute and in covid times with slower transport shipments are arriving slower.

Start chatting, be considerate that the person contacting you might not be for you but they have feelings as well. If you’re not interested in someone for example you can say thank you for your offer but I have started chatting to someone else already, or I will get back to you in due course.

Remember to report any inappropriate behavior.

If you see a peer or friend post

While your friends and family on your Facebook friends list can’t see you post from their newsfeed, members of the group can. As this method continues to grow in popularity you may have a friend or peer in the community. Their privacy is to be respected it’s not a gossip session. Something about planning a family is a special memorable moment that you have no right is spoiling for them. So remain considerate, until they make a public announcement of it.