Elaine Raby Byrd from Memphis a mother to 7-year-old Ember from a previous relationship first heard about the world of online sperm donors through fellow Pageant competitors, a Lesbian couple that spilled their secret on how they got such a beautiful lovely child, which inspired Elaine to adventure down the rabbit hole and check it out in her quest to give her daughter a possible sibling as a single mother by choice.

Along the way, she found herself entrenched in the community putting her hand up to join the moderation team of Sperm Donation USA. It was then that Elaine became a mentor for other women, and had to deal with the day to day issues that a Sperm donor community faces in order to maintain a safe level of operation. We chat to Elaine about shipping sperm, breeding parties, and what it’s like to pick a very popular donor as your donor of choice.

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