Growing up donor concieved whether you’re single or in a same-sex relationship is truley unique and sometimes books can help make children aware of how great this situation is and that being in books it’s more common than they might think. It helps them identify their situation or ones that are closely similar

General Family Books

The Family Book

Author: Todd Parr

This book covers a lot including traditional nuclear family, adopted families, step families, single parent families, and same-sex parent families. It’s funny, Silly and Quirky ensuring it captures the children’s attention and help make them learn of the many variety of families out there that exist.

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You Were Meant to Be

Author: Sherry Keen, Illustrator

A book that demonstrates how truly loved they’re while explaining egg and sperm donation to the child and how through the help of a donor how grateful they’re that they’re here.

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The Seed, the Egg, and the Magic Love Tummy

Author: Grandpa

A book featuring animals to tell the story, Frisky Rufus a red squirrel goes on a quest searching for answers through the forest speaking to a variety of animals to find out what it means to be donor-conceived and the process of donor conception.

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What Makes A Baby

Author: Cory Silverberg, Illustrator: Fiona Smyth

A fantastic 21st century picture book aimed at every sort of family, with focuses on conception, gestation and birth. It’s unique in the sense that there is no gender labels leaving interpretation up to you and child to digest and how it fits in with your own families situation.

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Single parented family books

The Pea That Was Me: A Single Mom’s/Sperm Donation Children’s Story (Volume 4)

Author: Kimberly Kluger-Bell

This book comes in many versions and volume 4 focuses on solo mothers by choice and how much the child was wanted, and how grateful she was through the help of a donor that her child is here. A great book that teaches children about the creation of babies in their mothers’ tummies.

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Why Don’t I Have A Daddy? : A Story of Donor Conception

Author: George Anne Clay, Illustrator: Lisa Krebs

This story is told through animals (lions) rather than humans and explains the different sorts of families and the mother lion tells the cub he is donor conceived and how very much loved and wanted he is.

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Same-Sex parenting family books

The Pea That Was Me: A Two Moms/Sperm Donation Story (Volume 5)

Author: Kimberly Kluger-bell

A gentle and light-hearted story of two mums it introduces to children the concept it takes a sperm and an egg to create a baby and how through a donor’s assistance it helped create them . A great book to open the children to further discussion and understanding their family structure.

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Same-Sex Parents: This is My Family

Author: Pat Thomas Illustrator: Lesley Harker

A picture book that demonstrates that all parents no matter their orientation can love, care and support their children just effectively and teaches children to understand diversity in families and acceptance without feelings of discrimination.

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Heather Has Two Mummies

Author: Leslea Newman , Illustrator: Laura Cornell

A classic that has relaunched about a young girl called Heather that at school gets asked about her daddy, which she doesn’t have, she has two mummies! The book then entails all the children drawing their own family and they all discover that all families are different.

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Zak’s Safari: A Story about Donor Conceived Kids of Two-Mom Families

Author: Christy Tyner

A story about being conceived by two mummies, how they met, how they fell in love and how they wanted a baby. From there Zak teaches us about his origins mentions of sperm and egg, known donors and donors from sperm banks. This book is a great tool about introducing your children into their own conception story.

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Mommy Mamma And Me

Author: Leslea Newman, Illustrator: Carol Thompson

One of the first books for gay parents, it captures the love and fun activities the family have with each other.

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A Tale of Two Mommies

Set at the beach featuring two children who are inquisitive about a boy having 2 mums and they ask him many questions about roles of each mum, it becomes evident that he is just as loved as any other family.

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