Kianni Arroyo 21 years of age from Orlando Florida met her donor (Donor ID code 2757) for the first time 4 years ago and was soon to be granted the title the head duckling by him. She has set off on a wild goose chase in a search to find as many half siblings out there with the goal and intention of meeting everyone of them.

Kianni is the oldest of the known siblings and she knows of others as little as a year old such a huge age gap which we discuss how all this is possible, we get to learn more about her relationships forged and the bonds established. She also has siblings internationally including Australia.

Right: Kianni with her donor sibling Left: Elese

Kianni is a donor concieved person with a postive outlook on the situation and shares with us some magical moments in her life and speaks openly about the realities of her unique situation.

Media:Washington Post, NPR, Metro News, Click Orlando