Joe Donor might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he is a man that is openly honest with the number of families he has helped, a recent 60 minutes episode produced by Gareth Harvey of channel 9 promised to deliver a feel-good story about online sperm donations. Essentially this man tricked everyone and tried to make a mockery of everyone involved as questionable dealings done with Melbourne IVF may of influenced the change of direction in this story.

Ultimately it tarnished what I represent, and 60 minutes tried to shift all links to myself, ABC Media Watch investigated all the evidence and it was uncovered a story that wasn’t real, dramatized and reeking of hypocrisy. This episode goes over these points and touches on how these types of people operate.

According to Joe not only did 60 Minutes fund and support his trip, the show made him so popular that women banded together and flew Joe back to Australia within a couple of months of him last leaving and is now in Australia from April to end of May 2019. So if anything 60 Minutes story totally backfired and gave him free promotion.

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