Introducing Drew Sollenberger from the Sperm Donation USA Facebook community. In this episode, we learn that Drew’s love for children is real and genuine the man even donated a kidney to a 2-year-old child who was a complete stranger in order to save their life. 

We discuss a vast array of topics, What are Drew’s motivations for donating? What his family and friends think of him being a donor, the TV show 2020 he went on, how he navigates visiting his 20 children he has helped conceived so far.  What impacts does it have having “Uncle Drew” in their lives?

Among discussing Draw’s virginity we delve deep into one of the USA’s biggest donor rivalries that Drew found himself entrenched in, in a brutal tit for tat war!

Facebook:Drew Sollenberger / Sperm Donation USA
Youtube:Drew Sollenberger Channel
Dropbox:Drew’s guide