Eric Uhden brings his Gay pride to the Sperm Donation World podcast, arguably becoming the most popular gay donor in the world. Since Eric burst on to the scene in 2018 in the Sperm Donation USA community he has been a fan favorite in the LGBT community with 10 Births and 16 ongoing pregnancies.

Adam chat’s with Eric on all things gay, his partner coming around to the idea of him becoming a donor, then the process of planning the creation of their own family and using an Egg donor from within the family. He procrastinated for a while done much study and research before his uprising and he discusses it all today and how this could be a good thing for other gay men to explore, even the possibility of being Co-Parenting.

Currently in Norfolk in Virginia, his role in the Military can see him deployed all around the world, with his next destination being Guam, 4 hours from Japan and Australian shores.

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