Going by the aliases of Pip and Tara from Victoria, Australia. After a relationship spanning 14 years, it was time to discuss having a child together. They used one of the countries biggest fertility clinics, we talk to them about their IVF journey in-depth about the processes of the counseling, the doctors appointments, surgeries along the way (cysts and polyps) , and then finally gaining access of their donor registry. A first cycle success was then to follow, in what was looking like overall a great IVF story.

Enter the plot twist. Tara receives a call from the clinic counselor informing them that the donor that they selected has withdrawn consent to use his sperm and as of effect they will destroy their embryos. We roll the emotional rollercoaster of how this has come to be and how this information you are not warned on and that there is a lawyer that has come other cases of this happening and wanting to change the laws. Now left in limbo by their clinic and not knowing what is going on we explore the possibilities. and look at if the clinic should of handle their clients with a bit more duty of care.

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