Episode 35: 2 Bumps Same Love

Taryn Cumming (South Africa) joins us and she is one half of the 2 Bumps Same Love team. She and partner Kat Buchanan (New Zealand) who are based in Auckland fell pregnant using an online donor almost simultaneously after finding out they both had a low egg reserve and action was required immediately.

Along their way, they started creating YouTube content sharing their journey, and creating information Q&A guides for others out there to follow. The NZ media got on board with their story, followed by a German production company, everyone couldn’t get enough of these same-sex pregnant mamas to be.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though as Taryn faced complications at the birthing table and a fight for survival for the unnamed little baby Ryan at the time created feelings of stress and panic. On top of that Kat’s baby was born just 4 days afterward. We hear their story and how they still continue to inspire others as Taryn joins the Sperm Donation New Zealand team as a lead administrator.

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