Tim Gullicksen from San Francisco back in 1989 wanted to help families that were in need of a sperm donor and he came across the California Cryobank there was only one obstacle in his path and that was he is gay, Back then and even now gay men are still not allowed to be sperm donors at clinics in the USA. Tim had to pretend he was straight to bypass their screening process in order to help create what he was lead to believe would be a maximum of 10 families, but could be more like 90+ families, he was assigned the donor I.D 1237.

Tim knows of over 30 biological offspring tracked down with the assistance of DNA websites and the Donor Sibling Registry but has formed a close connection with 22 of them, and every year they have a meet-up at Bass Lake in California. Tim shares what it’s like to live in this reality and how his offspring feel about having as many siblings as they do. A very fun and insightful episode full of interesting information and outlooks and although Tim never set off or imagined to have formed a family from his donations this is now very much a part of his identity.

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