Lissa KLissa Koehler and her ex-partner’s first child was born via at-home insemination via a known donor, for a combination of reasons he is no longer an option for future children so they elected to go down the Fertility clinic option. Through an invasive procedure that would involve between30 and 50 internal ultrasounds and other procedures and not to mention extreme medication involved that knocked her around 6 Embryos were the end result, 1 of these embryos resulted in a child, while the rest were stored away to be used at a later date.

Lissa now with her new partner Kariah were considering their options of another baby when suddenly their victorian clinic rings up to let them know that upon contacting their donor on his mandatory 10-year checkup to see if he still wishes for his biological tissue to be used, he has decided to say no once prompted, which has led these embryos down a path of destruction affecting another 5 families in the process.

This interview is deeply personal and touches on an array of topics, the clinic procedures, why the laws need to be reviewed, and what can be done about this, plus many interesting general convos along the way. Lissa is now 40 and will have to go through this process again with eggs that obviously won’t be the same quality as they were 5 years ago? This time Lissa’s support network is much stronger and we wish them a positive outcome.

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