Hayley Hendrix, is now 43 but she got what she came for she got her son through an online donor. She has been an inspiration for many single women around Australia and here she is on Sperm Donation World podcast to keep that inspiration up. In this episode we discuss the stigma, taking that leap of faith and being proud of who you’re by owning that decision.

We touch on her new book Desperatley Seeking Semen which has just been published and available from her website. If you can’t get enough of Hayley there is a bonus episode on the Sperm Donation World Patereon page where it’s more clinically focused conversation. Both episodes are just as good as each either it was a coin toss to see which one was the bonus episode.

Name:Hayley Hendrix
Facebook:Desperately Seeking Cmen
Website:Desperately Seeking Semen
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