Jess and Leroy Natoli met briefly while out one night through a mutual friend, and soon tracked down each other and became officially an item not too soon after, both wanting similar things in life, a mutual goal would be creating a family in the, not near distant future. They began exploring these options that lead them to a Melbourne-based clinic in which they did IVF.

The clinic emailed the donor at his 10-year donating anniversary asking him if he wished to continue to have his sperm and embryos already created to be still be made available, his response in the email was a simple No. The law requires the donor to provide a reason for stopping, in which he hasn’t therefore the embryos perhaps technically shouldn’t be taken away until he fulfills his requirements, we discuss this and the potential angles in trying to save these embryos from destruction. If Jess and Leroy can’t save their own embroyos they wish to aspire change so others don’t have to go through this.

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