Samantha J Richardson was brought up in a small town south of Chicago she is the co-author of the book Achieving Parenthood: The Struggles Are Real, The Hope Is Eternal a book that shares various people’s insights and journies to parenthood. In this episode, we touch on Samantha’s journey from living in countries such as New Zealand and now Australia where we explore her own struggles towards having her little bundle of joy.

Like many women before her, she was in a dead-end marriage that wasn’t going anywhere and the future of having children with this man was becoming less appealing by the second. She ultimately left that relationship and was willing to explore the single mother by choice option. She came across QFG paid a couple of thousand dollars only to be given a small list of very unhealthy and unappealing choices. That is when she discovered Sperm Donation Australia where she met a couple of donors. Unfortunately for Samantha, she was experiencing fertility issues and stage 4 endometriosis where she was forced back to the clinic route, where she used a known donor.

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