Using an Alias “Lily” for privacy reasons from the East Coast of the U.S we explore a journey of a mother who is in a heterosexual relationship married to a man that had a vasectomy who previously had two children with a previous partner. This newly formed relationship ignited a spark for Lily to have her own children and spanning over 12 years with a 4th child almost here she has well and truly achieved this and has become one of the most experienced mothers in using online donors in America.

We take a trip down memory lane encountering what it was like in the early days of online sperm donation to what they have gone to now. Lily along the way has had to use a few donors and quite often has had to travel a distance in order to reach them, especially for future siblings. She shares with us all her tips about timing, cervical mucus, we talk about her children’s personalities and her different donors.

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