Angela Deliso, 35, from California, always knew deep down she was attracted to women, and with the expectations of society, like many didn’t come out to herself for some time. In 2015 she signed up for a dating site where she met her partner Dee and fell in love and got married. Like most love stories the conversation of children came up and before they knew it they were buying vial after vial from the Cryobank.

After 10 failed cycles of IUI, Angela started questioning her own fertility and the eternal pressures she felt in not falling pregnant to gift her family a newly desired member. It was at this point she came across Kyle Gordy, a world-renowned donor that had proven success and provided an alternative approach. From the clinical setting to doing Ai in the backseat of a car. Angela discovered she wasn’t barren after all and that all she required was good quality sperm, from one fresh donation Angela fell pregnant and is now blessed with a baby boy.

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