Living it up in southwest Florida resides “Hunglo Wang”, he is what identifies himself as an Alpha male. He has lived the highs and lows of a male entertainer during his college years, to getting married and to divorce where his ex-wife abducted the kid away from him. He found himself in a place where he didn’t want to continue making previous mistakes and became a donor, particularly helping same-sex couples.

We go over his strong viewpoints, his donating criteria, and his encounters with the infidelity of lesbians cheating on each other. We also delve into his previous and ongoing relationships with his recipients and the visitations he has with some of the children plus much more. What does the future look like for Hunglo? He is open to settling down in a 3-way relationship with a lesbian couple? Any takers?

Facebook:Hunglo Wang
Group:Sperm Donation USA