Residing in the very liberal grounds of Queens, New York we find the right-winged Jaye Wilde. He identifies as anti-abortion and pro-life. He is very passionate about his human rights to say no to what he calls the death shot. and discusses his views and theories on human population control. Jaye formed a long-term relationship in his late teens and got married, but like many marriages in society these days, they grew apart after creating 3 children together and Jaye had finally found himself single without much previous dating experience.

It was soon after a lesbian lady approached him about sperm donation and exposed him to this world, where he dived straight in, full speed ahead guns blazing. In 2.5 years on the donor scene, he has contributed to the births of 18 children. With experience, he has now slowed down and is currently putting plans into place to create a potential polygyny-style family.

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Group:Sperm Donation USA