As I am about to embark on my upcoming tour to Adelaide, was important to take in some local knowledge of what to expect and what to do, but also hear a lovely story along the way that shows good things can happen here. South Australia has the unwanted reputation of having the least amount of donors in Australia compared to other states. One couple who managed to buck that trend is Tamara and Brodie who matched with their donor quite easily and successfully conceived their baby River first shot.

For them, it all started with the clinic as the first go-to point, before discovering Sperm Donation Australia, and with the consideration of having a wedding and a baby nearly simultaneously, the budget needed to be reeled in. A more natural, less stressful process became the logical choice. We talk about their journey from how they met, deciding on who to carry first, and explaining to a 5-year-old where donor babies come from plus much more in this episode.

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