Brooke Withington is a busy mum, whose life turned, even more, busier overnight when her TikTok video went viral sharing her donor conception story. The Gold Coast, mother of 5 chalked up over 750K views and now holds the record worldwide for the most impactful media influential piece for online sperm donation. Currently, 700 women and counting were inspired by her story that they’re now exploring the donor option.

Brooke describes herself as an independent person that just loves her children and has a passion for baking. After noticing modern-day dating trends and the lack of longevity these days, she elected to go down the donor path, of her children the child conceived via known donor sperm has been the less stressful. She shares with us today much knowledge from her experience of going down this path and the potential of a 6th child to come.

Facebook:Brooke Withington
Group:Sperm Donation Australia
Media:Sunrise (24th March 2023)