Greta French-Kennedy from Adelaide, South Australia is the real deal female empowerment health coach, in the age of social media where coaches are popping up left right, and centre, many talk the talk but do they walk the walk? In a time in society where the biological clock ticks fast, in a period where most relationships don’t last the test of time, sometimes it takes bravery to forge your own path toward creating your own destiny in starting a family and this is exactly what Greta has done and she is here today to share her story and inspire others.

Greta first explored the option of the clinics, as a person who is health conscious this didn’t sit comfortably with her, also the idea of picking an American donor from a sheet of paper hardly sounded appealing, this is when she discovered Sperm Donation Australia and started exploring the known donor option which felt right for her. We discuss all this plus more.

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