David Starlyte lives a nomadic lifestyle that currently has him residing in Port Douglas in Far North Queensland. Many would view him as a shaman healer, that focuses on coaching in the arts of soul mentoring and non-duality consciousness healing, he takes me on a spiritual journey in the episode and enlightens me with his views on life, and dissecting our instinctive nature and situations he has been confronted with thus far in his donor pathway to date.

David has also had some clinical experience donating to a lady in Israel and then in around 2016 while he was living in Perth, he visited two separate fertility clinics in the state and donated enough sperm to potentially help 5 families at each clinic, we are led to believe in Australia there are strict monitoring systems in place, yet when we dissect this real-life event, we realize it’s all sugarcoating, and businesses will run as businesses are set up to do and that’s for profit.

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