Aayize Diaz 30, based in Miami Florida is a gay talented rapper who came onto the American donor scene 6 years ago, yet due to poor lifestyle habits and fondness for Mary Jane, it took him 3 years to achieve his first pregnancy, which sadly resulted in a miscarriage. He decided to tone down his consumption of weed and got 4 quick pregnancies he is now on his way to helping contribute to 11 lives born from his contribution. At the start, he was carelessly throwing his seed around to any takers as he has become more educated and has learned to refine his donating to people who live locally and that are willing to give him some limited involvement with the children.

Aayize shares some fascinating stories of smoking weed with his recipients before the point of insemination, unusual places he has donated, and his first-ever sexual encounter with a woman being a 3some while trying to create a baby. We debate whether gay sperm is more popular than anti-vax sperm plus much more.

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