Strap yourself in for a 4-hour marathon with Michelle Jervis 32, from New South Wales she has a lot to say and a story to tell that will keep you entertained throughout. To begin we looking into Genetic testing at the clinics and how they’re not giving customers copies of their results and therefore not telling them what gene mutations they may have. We then move on to Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and the dangers that these clinical drugs can impose on women.

The second half of this episode gets deeply personal, Michelle shares her story of a failed relationship after the tremendous IVF toll, and the unexpected pregnancy of her child to a new partner, that relationship didn’t last and she is now trying to negotiate to have a 2nd child with her fiance who is very skeptical after everything she has already been through and would hate to lose her through her pregnancy risks. We delve into her pregnancy journey where she was told the terminate her child at 23 weeks and then at 30 weeks another unexpected huge curve ball is thrown at her, where she had to hold on from giving birth or risk losing her child, everything that could have gone wrong during this pregnancy did so. After going through that intense story we finish our conversation chatting about egg donation.

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MediaThe Daily Mail