Pete O’Irish from Ohio was your typical American donor-next-door kind of guy. A Grad school student looking for that extra income to score himself some pizza and beer. This very cliche story of coming across a sperm donor advert in a student flyer that lures men in with the promise of anonymity and a 10-family limit was and still is an attractive proposition as a fair trade-off to enhance the quality of life during these tough studying years.

Everything was going to script until Pete read an article around 2005 predicting anonymity to be dead with new technologies of DNA testing coming through. Lo and behold his father signed up to Ancestry and was tracked down, with the threat of the cat being released out of the bag, Pete spilled his most well-kept secret to his wife that was none the wiser, and from there his thought process evolved, to where he has now become a part of some of these donor-conceived peoples lives to date he has 18 children accounted for and he explains navigating those relationships as everyone has different expectations from each other.

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