Ties Van Der Meer 44, is the chairman of the Donorkind Foundation in the Netherlands. His story is unique in the fact that not only is he donor conceived himself, but he also followed in his donor’s footsteps and also became a donor currently sitting at 18 offspring sired via the assistance of a clinic. Ties is at a stage where he believes he now has more than enough biological children, that he wishes to have no more even at his current wife’s expense and they have held discussions on how she can alternatively have children if she truly desires. He shares his upbringing dynamic that involved his mother separating from her partner at just 3 years old and being raised with an adopted brother from Columbia, it becomes a tale of searching for family.

In recent times the Netherlands has had its biggest civil court case involving Dutch sperm donor Jonathan Meijer who fathered hundreds of children and the Donorkind Foundation found itself at the forefront of all this after being approached by some of the mothers. We take a deep look into this story and discuss the court outcome in the lead-up before the Netflix documentary.

Facebook:Ties Van Der Meer
Group:Sperma Donatie Nederland
Media:ABC News, El Pais, NL Times